Russia Warns West & Arab Nations against Arming Syrian Rebels – Whle Syrian forces Begun With drawl from Calm Cities

JNN 04 April 2012 Damascus  — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned Western and Arab nations against arming foreign-backed opposition groups in Syria, saying this will lead to “slaughter for many years”. Continue reading

2 Shia Shopkeepers embraced Martyrdom by the firing of TTP Terrorist in Quetta

JNN 03 April , 2012 Quetta : Two Shia Shop Keepers Akber Ali and Ali Raza embraced Martyrdom by the firing of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist, as their shops were attacked and they were targeted and Killed , on Mekaniki Road Quetta . Continue reading

A Black Day for Shia Community – 3 Shia Men Martyred in 3 Different Incidents of Target Killing By Terrorist of SSP in Karachi

JNN 3 April 2912 Karachi :  3 Shia Men were targeted and Martyred in the Limits of the Biggest City of Pakistan Karachi in three different Incidents  , while 9 Shia Men were Identified , targeted and Martyred By firing  of the Terrorist of  Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat ( SSP ) , after offloading from a Gilgit Bound Passenger Bus . Continue reading