Pakistan to buy 1,100 MW of electricity from Iran , as it also adds its Nuclear energy for Export

JNN 06 April 2012 Islamabad : Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has announced that Islamabad plans to purchase 1,100 megawatts (MW) more electricity from its western neighbor, Iran.The Iranian deputy minister stated that Iran is currently implementing various contracts for exporting electricity to neighboring countries. Continue reading

Accelerated Target Killing of Shia Men claims two more lives in One of the Biggest City of World Karachi

JNN 05 April 2012 Karachi : A Young Shia Aamir Abbas s/o  Ali Raza, 20  was targeted and Martyrd in the Limits of Taimooria P.S , when he was standing out of his Hostel , Situated at Nagan Chowrangi , North Karachi. While in another Incident of Target Killing , Ghulam Abbas embraced Martyrdom , when he was Targeted at his Computer Shop in the Malir # 15 Area, Karachi Continue reading