Accelerated Target Killing of Shia Men claims two more lives in One of the Biggest City of World Karachi

JNN 05 April 2012 Karachi : A Young Shia Aamir Abbas s/o  Ali Raza, 20  was targeted and Martyrd in the Limits of Taimooria P.S , when he was standing out of his Hostel , Situated at Nagan Chowrangi , North Karachi. While in another Incident of Target Killing , Ghulam Abbas embraced Martyrdom , when he was Targeted at his Computer Shop in the Malir # 15 Area, Karachi

According to the details, Aamir Abbas was the Permanent resident of Nagar , Gilgit Balitistan.  And have shifted to Karachi for Higher Studies, as he was the Student of B.S Economics , Final Year , Federal Urdu University . And he doesn’t have any place to live in the city , so have taken accommodation at the Nagar Community Hostel , which is being run by the Nagar Community , to accommodate the Young men , who usually come to Karachi , for Higher Studies from Nagar , Gilgit – Baltistan, as they don’t have the facility of Graduate and Post Graduate Studies , at their Home town.

As the Majority Population of  Nagar is comprised of Shia Sect , so the same is the case with the Nagar Hostel in Karachi, in which about 52 Students were accommodated , and belong to the Shia Community , and as it’s location is very sensitive , as it Just Opposite across the road of  Masjid e Sidiq e Akbar ,Nagan Chowarangi,  which is the Head Quarter of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Karachi Chapter, while which is Sanctuary  of terrorist , and has been even raided by Police , and have even recovered Ammunation from there.

At About 2.20p.m , when Aamir after taking Lunch , Just came out of the Hostel main door , the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat ) , who were waiting for any body to come out , so they can make their kill, So the two Assilant of the Terrorist Network Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , came on bike near him and fired about six rounds, and sped away , by the time other students who were still busy in taking Lunch , heard of the gunshots , and came out to see what happened, they saw the Unfortunate Aamir lying on the ground , in a pool of blood , as he has embraced Martyrdom on the spot , as he has a bullet wound right on the top of his head , two on each shoulder, and other on his chest .

His body was shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for Medico Legal formalities ,and from there his body was shifted to the Fatimiyah Ghusal Khana , Near Shah e Khorasan, Numaish Chowrangi, where a large crowd gathered to pay their last respect to the Martyr.

Shia Community members who have come to pay their last Respect , also  staged a Protest at the Numaish Chowrangi for about 6 hours , and demanded the government to Register the FIR , against the Nominated Criminals , which includes the names of Aurangzeb Farooqi ( SSP Karachi Chief ) ,also Nominated in the Target Killing of Askari Raza, and others , and also arrange the Quick and secure Passage for the Dead Body , as it has to go for Burial to his native town of Nagar. And due to the worsened Situation of Gilgit – Baltistan , the flights were delayed and the Whole the area was under the curfew.

In this process as the Body was ready for the funeral , then it was brought to the Numaish Round About , where the Funeral Prayer of the deceased was offered in the Leadership of Maulana Jaffer Subhani, and in the Presence of thousands of Mourners . The Funeral Prayer was offered on the same Place where on the Beginning of the New Year i.e , 1st Muharram two Shia Men were Martyred , by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, and after Killing they took shelter in the Mosque , and Office of Majlis e Khatam e Naboowat .

Finally as both the demands were accepted by the government , and the tickets were provided for the body and the Person accompanying the Dead Body , and the FIR was also lodged against the Nominated Culprits, then the Sit In Protest at the Numaish Chowrangi was called off. And all the Momineen Peacefully dispersed .

The Sit In Protest was addressed by the Shia Leaders namely Maulana Jaffer Subhani (MWM ) , Maulana Ali Mohd. Naqvi ( SUC ) , Ali Ausat (MWM) , Maulana Nadir, and others , while every speaker emphasized for the Unity among the Momineen , and Not to loose Patience even in the worst of conditions, as this the Lesson , we have received from the Battle of Karbala. And the Life of our First Imam Hazrat Ali( a.s ).

In the second event Another Shia Momin , Ghulam Abbas , 35  embraced Martydom , when he was targeted and was Shot a single Bullet in his Chest , as after the Incident , He was Shifted to the Jinnah Hospital, but could not scumb to his Injury which was quite lethal , and took away his Last Breath away .

Ghulam Abbas had a computer Shop at Malir # 15 , while at about 10.45p,m , when he was still at His shop , the target Killers of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan came and shot him straight , due to which he was fatal injured , and after the Firing  , they sped away unhindered , as usual, and the Body was shifted to the Jinnah Hospital , where he was Pronounced Dead.

And after the Medico Legal formalities , the Body was shifted to the Imambargah in Malir # 15 , and tomorrow his funeral Prayer offered and his Burial will be done.His Funeral Prayers was offered on the Main Road of Malir , in the Presence of Thousands of Mourners , In which Men, Ladies , Youngsters all were present to pay their Last respect to the Deceased , and at the same time to Protest over the Injustice of the Present Government which have Miserably failed to give Protection and Security to the Members of Shia Community.

After the Funeral Prayers , the Body was taken in a Big Funeral Procession , to the Local Graveyard to a Near By area, where the Burial of the Deceased was Performed.

The Target Killing of Shia Men have accelerated at present ,as every Pakistan’s enemy agent have come to Karachi , and have started implementing their evil plans , and at this time  Pakistan is under threat from its Extremist Jihadi Banned Organisations, whether it may be SSP , LeJ, TTP, Jundullah , or Jamaat ut Dawaa, they all have intensified their attack on the Pak Land . And wants to disintegrate and dismantle Pakistan , and in this regard their Prime Target is Shia Community , which has always been victimized and has been used as the launching Pad for any Major Terrorist Activities , as the Shia killing is covered up  and Hushed up in Sectarian Killing , and thus finally they end up In committing crimes like , Attack on GHQ , Mehran Base Attack , or the Attacks like on the Parade Lane Mosque , Islamabad . These Jihadi Snakes should be crushed in the beginning , and should not be fed and Bred . In the name of Defence of Pakistan, as their Poison will Kill us more than any body else .

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