6 Shia Men Martyred 3 injured by the Target Killing of LeJ in Quetta

JNN 10 April , 2012 QUETTA: Six Shia Hazara Men were Martyred  and three others wounded when Armed Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi came on two motorbikes and opened fire at a shoe shop on Prince Road in Quetta on Monday night. 

According to police, the victims were sitting inside a shoe-making store on the main intersection located on Prince and Masjid road, when they were attacked.

The attackers managed to flee from the scene after committing the crime.

“All the victims belonged to Shia Hazara community and it appears to be a case of targeted sectarian killing,” Deputy Inspector General Police (DIG-Operations) Quetta Qazi Wahid told Our Correspondent.

The assailants on two motorbikes escaped after opening fire on the shoe-makers. Resultantly, four people died on the spot while two others received multiple bullet wounds.

A heavy contingent of police rushed to the spot and cordoned off the area.

The dead and injured were taken to Provincial Sandeman Hosptial. “At least six dead bodies and three injured were brought here,” doctors at the hospital said.

The deceased were identified as Mama Karim, Mohammad Hassan, Saeed Ahmed, Qurban Ali, Nadir Ali and Shabir Hussain while injured as Yunus, Lala Musa and Ustad Hadi.

A score of people belonging to Hazara Community reached the hospital and registered their protest by raising slogans against the government and law enforcing agencies over their failure to protect the life and property of civilians.

A group angry protestors also blocked the Jinnah Road and forced shops in the area to shut down.

However, security forces and police reached the hospital and controlled the situation.

DIG operations Qazi Wahid said police were investigating the incident and will interview the shopkeepers who were present there when incident took place.

The funeral prayers of four victims were offered in Hazara graveyards in eastern-bypass and two in Marriabad. Scores of religious scholars and leaders of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) participated in the funeral prayers.

The banned outfit Lashkar-i-Jhangvi (LJ) claimed responsibility for the killings.

Talking to the media, President of Shia Conference Ashraf Zaidi said that the government is not serious to book the culprits behind the targeted killings of Hazara community.

“We are patriotic Pakistanis and will not leave Quetta out of fear,” he said. “Neither Baloch nor Pashtuns are our enemy because a handful of criminals are trying to create serious law and order problem in the city by targeting the Hazara community.”

The mourners raised slogans against the government and the law enforcment agencies for their failure to curb sectarian targeted killings in Quetta.

Stringent security measures have been adopted across Quetta with the deployment of security forces and police to maintain public order. Most of the shops on Prince Road remained closed to mourn the deaths.

The patrolling police party of City Police Station within the jurisdiction of the incident was suspended following the directives of Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani.

A police inspector and six other personnel were suspended soon after the incident.

The police have conducted raids in different parts of Quetta and detained dozens of suspects for interrogation. Three separate teams of Central Investigation Department (CID), Investigation and District Police were constituted to investigate the killings.

DIG Operations Qazi Wahid said the incident could be a reaction to a recent crackdown against target killers. “Police are making their utmost efforts to control the situation,” he said.

According to an official of Balochistan Government, the chief minister warned the police that the concerned police officers will be suspended if any targeted killing takes place in their jurisdiction.

But as per our correspondent , the MWM have strongly condemned the target Killing across Pakistan, and especially have alleged that the CM Balochistan is also a Player in the target Killing of Shia community Members in Quetta , and other parts of the Province , and have demaned that he should be immediately removed from his post, other wise the country wide Protests will be organized against his removal and his induction in the target Killing cases of Balochistan.

The Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) announced that the Hazara community will hold protest demonstrations outside the embassies of European, Asian countries, America, Australia and United Nations offices against targeted killings.

Chairman HDP Abdul Khaliq Hazara announced during a news conference on Tuesday that the protests will also be registered with International Human Rights Organisation to highlight the rampant targeted killings of the Shia Hazara community in Quetta.

“This decade was really painful for the Hazara community during which hundreds of Hazara tribesmen were killed in incidents of targeted killings and suicide attacks,” he told reporters. Khaliq was accompanied by his party leaders among other activists.

Ironically there has been no progress in investigation nor any culprit brought to justice, Khaliq said adding that inaction on the part of government and its law enforcment agencies affirm the notion that they were patronising the culprits.

“Six labourers were brutally killed on the busy Prince Road on Monday night which shows the lawlessness and utter apathy of the government. I believe no religion allows such inhumane act.

“The Members of Provincial Assembly do not even have time to condemn these killings. The chief minister is running affairs of Balochistan from Islamabad which reflects his sincerity with the suffering people of his province have to bear,” he added.

The HDP announced that they will register their protest with the international community since the provincial and federal governments have failed to curb the unending targeted killings of the Hazara community and had given a free hand to criminals.

The HDP will stage protest demonstrations in front of embassies of Asian, European Countries, America, Australia and United Nations from April 20 to 30. The Hazara community residing abroad will also register their protest with International Human Rights Organisations.

The party also announced to stage a sit-in outside the Governor House and Chief Minister’s Secretariat and convene an All Parties Conference on April 15, inviting all political and nationalist parties to evolve a strategy on a future course of action.

“The province is on the brink of civil war; all the parties and responsible people have to show sincerity, otherwise the ongoing unrest will result in an unexpected crisis or a civil war,” the leaders of the Hazara community warned.

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