Iran’s Intelligence uncover Mossad’s Network in Central and Border Provinces

JNN 11 April 2012 Tehran : Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says it has busted a major network of terrorism and sabotage with links to Israel in what seems to be a sign of escalation of Tel Aviv’s covert intelligence war against Tehran.

In a statement published on Tuesday, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry noted that arrested members of the Israeli terrorist network were planning to launch attacks against the country.

The Ministry added that the Israeli-affiliated terrorists were arrested after months of intelligence operations in central and border provinces.

Some of them, the statement noted, were totally prepared to carry out their terrorist operations when Iran’s intelligence agents swooped down on them.

The Ministry further stated that large amounts of explosives, weapons and military equipment have also been seized.

“Further details will be released in the future,” the statement added.

This is not the first time Iran arrests CIA and Israeli spies. On May 30, 2011, members of a CIA espionage and sabotage network were arrested by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

On November 24, 2011, Iran announced the arrest of a dozen other CIA spies, who were found to have been on a mission to sabotage the country’s nuclear facilities and other important compounds.

Another CIA espionage network with 12 members was busted in Iran and Lebanon in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah.

Also on December 17, 2011, Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced the capture of an American CIA agent of Iranian decent, foiling an intricate US plot to carry out further espionage activities in the Islamic Republic following the capture of an American spy drone in northeastern Iran.

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