MWM’s Sit-In In-front of the Parliament house enter the 4th day against the Chilas Shia Killing

JNN 11 April 2012 Islamabad : The government’s “pathetic” attitude towards the killings of Shias in the country is what forces them to take arms for their safety. This was said by leaders of Majlis-e-Wahadatul Muslimeen (MWM) during the third day of their protest in front of the Parliament House here on Sunday.

They are gathered there to press the government to take action against the miscreants who killed innocent passengers in Chilas last week.

The MWM demanded that the government deploy army on the Karakoram Highway, bring Northern Light Infantry to Gilgit-Baltistan, abolish terrorist hideouts in certain areas and ensure safe return of missing passengers to their homes.

“The security and stability of the country is dear to us We pick up arms only when we are being forced to take arms for our Protection, as the LEA’s have completely failed  ,” said MWM Punjab Deputy Secretary Asghar Askari.

He said that Gilgit-Baltistan used to be a peaceful city and only a small number of Extremist  elements converted it into a war zone to pursue their vested interests, who wanted to create a law and order situation every where in Pakistan, to make their masters happy.

“Despite the lapse of six days, neither the miscreants were arrested nor any operation was launched against them,” he said.

Askari also condemned the imposition of curfew in Gilgit, where families are confined to their homes and patients could not even go to hospitals.

Curfew has been imposed in an area which has a history of Peace and Stability , as it can be measured by only this that , the Foreigners Don’t want to visit even the Biggest Cities of Pakistan, but they feel safe and regularly visit the Gilgit – Baltistan area , to enjoy the Natural Beauty and the Scenic atmosphere, and plus the Hospitality of the People of the Gilgit Baltistan area , the Majority of Which is being dominated by the Shia Muslim Population.

And it should also be noted that this is only the Border area of the Pakistan, which is Peaceful , rest all the areas , whether Kashmir , Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa , or any other area is not as much calm and secure , as compared to this area.

But it is only due to the Induction of extremist in the Dictator Extremist Zia regime , that this area has also become , volatile due to their presence , which were planted in this area , just to change the demographic of this area , as this was completely  dominated by the Shia Population . Which was the Biggest Sin in the eyes of Saudi funded Zionist loyal, Zia and his remnants’ .

The Imposition of continued curfew , with only a break of 2 hours after 72 hours , has made the lives of the People living in this area miserable ,Many are being forced to live without medicine, food and other necessities.

It looks that now the extremist and the Zionist agents have planned to make this area another GAZA .

Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen , have in this regard planned a strategy to stage a Sit In infront of the Parliament House , and they have continued their sit in at the Parliament house for the Last four days, and they have also staged Protest and Token Sit In , in other Big Cities of Pakistan , Including Lahore , Karachi , Nawab Shah, Dadu and others.

And now Planning to continue the Sit In infront of the Parliament House , until their Demands are met , of Arresting the Criminal of the Chilas Carnage, in which Number of Shia Men were Killed , Stoned , and then some where thrown in the River, and to ensure the safe return of the Missing Persons of the Gilgit – Baltistan bus convoys and the Person trapped in the Law and Order Situation of the Gilgit , after the Chilas Carnage. And an Operation against the Extremist Elements  who are responsible for the whole episode of terror and who ruined the Peace and tranquility of the area. Plus the safe Passage of the Passangers going from and to Gilgit- Baltistan , under the supervision of the armed forces of Pakistan , who should keep a tight vigil on the Main Karakouram Highway In the future, to ensure the safe travel on the Main KK highway till Gilgit and Skardu.

In the ongoing Protest and Sit In’s Organised by MWM, Hundreds of Shia  community Members protested against the killings in Gilgit baltistan outside Lahore Press Club on Tuesday , the speakers called for action to be taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding the G-B incident.

Women and children from the Shia community, students from Imamia Students Organizations and students from Gilgit-Baltistan participated in the 3 hours long sit-in, which blocked part of Davis road.

Muhammad Ali Johri was at the protest, grieving for his nephew who was killed on April 2 at Chilas. Johri said, eye witnesses told him that Ruhullah was stoned and then thrown in the river. The young man’s body was recovered from the river yesterday.

Chanting slogans against government, judiciary and the media, emotionally charged protesters tried to forcibly enter the Lahore Press Club. Speaking to Our Correspondent  Sakina Mehdvi from the MWM questioned media silence on the issue.

“Why is the media not covering this incident? Has Pakistan become the next Gaza or the next Bahrain?” she asked.

Haider Ali Musavi, Imam of the Mochi Darwaza mosque in Lahore said “The government should ensure that there is an alternative route, instead of the Chilas town.” Musavi added that “there is no sectarian issue in Pakistan, people live peacefully in their neighborhoods, but there is a small group affiliated with an organization which spreads unrest.”

Security at the protest in Lahore was provided by the police and there were volunteers from the Shia community who formed human chains around the sit-in.

A Similar Protest Sit In was Organised at the Numaish Chowk , in Karachi , in which thousands of People came to show their support for the cause and to condemn the Shia Target Killing across Pakistan. The participants have a big Number of Women , youth and even Executives from different walk of life.


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