After the ceasefire situation looks calmer in Syria – Ban Ki Moon

JNN 12 April 2012 GENEVA/UNITED NATIONS, — The situation in Syria “looks calmer” as of Thursday afternoon, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said here Thursday, the first day of UN-mediated ceasefire in Syria.

“The world, however, is watching with skeptical eyes, since many promises previously made by the Government of Syria have not been kept,” the UN chief said.

He urged the Syrian government to fully implement its commitment under the six point blue-print. He also called on the Syria opposition to stop violence in all its forms.

“This is time for the fundamental change of course. Too many lives have been lost, and its time to stop the killing,” Ban said.

Meanwhile, UN-Arab League joint envoy for Syria Kofi Annan said Thursday that he is encouraged by reports that the cessation of hostilities in Syria “appears to be holding” and urged all Syrian to seize opportunities to implement the agreed six-point peace plan.

“I am encouraged by reports that the situation in Syria is relatively quiet and that the cessation of hostilities appears to be holding,” Annan said in a statement released in Geneva as he briefed the UN Security Council on the latest development of Syria via video-link.

“All parties have obligations to implement fully the six-point plan. This includes both the military provisions of the plan and the commitment to move to a political process,” he said.

“I urge all Syrian to seize the opportunity,” Annan said in the statement.

Annan said Ban will be asking the Security Council for approval of the deployment of a UN Observer Mission as soon as possible.

“This will allow us to move quickly to launch a serious political dialogue that will address the concerns and aspirations of the Syrian people,” Annan said.

2 thoughts on “After the ceasefire situation looks calmer in Syria – Ban Ki Moon

  1. Good that a little calm has started but the efforts of ban Ki moon shall be fruitful only if he is able to rein in the trouble makers, Saudi Wahabis and their bosses in Zion Israeil.

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