4 Shia Hazara Men Martyred by the Targetted Killing of LeJ in Quetta , 2nd time in a weeks time

JNN 13 April 2012 Quetta : Four Shia men were Martyred in the last 24 Hours in the Limits of Quetta City, Pakistan, which is a 2nd deadliest day in weeks time of such Target Killing of Shia Men hailing from Hazara Community.

As on Thursday 2 Shia Man working on a Tea Store at Shahrah e Iqbal, were fired by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi who came on a Motorcycle and opened fire on the 2 people present in the shop, While as One of the Worker was fatally injured and Hailed Martyrdom on the spot , while the other who was the owner of the shop who was also injured by the firing , was also in a critical state , and was shifted to the Hospital , where his care is being taken , and is said to be out of danger. While the terrorist ran away un intercepted after committing the Henious crime.

The eyewitnesses said that A few minutes later, the same terrorists of the Lashkar e Jhangvi attacked another shop belonging to the Shia Hazara community on Archer Road, around 500 metres from Shahrae Iqbal. As a result of indiscriminate firing, two people died on the spot.

Witnesses said the attacks were carried out by the same men.

“The victims belong to the Shia Hazara community. It appears to be a case of sectarian target killings,” senior police official Hassan Buzdar said.

The Hazara Democratic Party has announced it would protest outside the Governor House and Chief Minister Secretariat today (Friday).

All businesses and restaurants on Prince Road, Liaquat Bazaar, Abdul Sattar Road, Qandahari Bazaar and adjacent areas were closed after the attacks.

Earlier on Monday, six Shia Hazarawals were gunned down in Quetta. The outlawed outfit Lashkar-i-Jhangvi claimed responsibility for the killings. There have, however, been no claims for the latest attack.

While Today on Friday Morning Another Shia Man Akber , a Watchman of Zulfiqar Market was Martyred by the firing of Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi, while due to indiscriminate firing many other were also injured in the same Incident.

In an  response to a question to  Retd. General Hameed Gul , at the time when he visited the Sit In Camp of the Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen infront of the Parliament House on the 6th Day , in response to the questions by the Protesters present , as he is also a member of the Defence of Pakistan Council , that we are working for the Unity among the Muslims of Pakistan , and in general Unity of the Muslim World , as he was of the opinion that a dialogue should be done between the different sects of Islam .

But under the Present scenario , and keeping in view the Past History , where the Parties Included in the same Defence of Pakistan Council , with its members who are Killers of Shia People and have publicly admitted and announced that they have Killed hundreds of Shia Community members ,and till now they publicly announce in their rallies , that Shia’s are Infidels , are liable to be killed , as they are the ones who were once created by the financing of Sectarian Saudi Monarchy , and trained and equipped by the Pakistani Establishment.

So the Persons who are really sincere in Unity among Muslims , should first reign the terrorist from their Brutal acts and then by their propagation of hate speeches , should be there first step in creating an atmosphere conducive for a dialogue , between the extremist and the shia People.

These terrorist Banned Organisation whether Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, ( Now ASWL ) , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah, Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , or any other splinter groups or cells are still being backed by the Pakistani Establishment . And this has also been proven at so many times that these same Shia Opponents and enemies have been involved in the covert actions against Pakistan’s Integrity.

So thus it will not be wrong to say that there are Bunch of Black sheeps still present in the Pakistani Establishment , who are working against the Interest of Pakistan, Under the cover of Sectarianism . And it is not only the Establishment , But all the Pillars of state are Plagued by the Anti Pakistan elements , and the So called Independent Media is the first Example of these anti state elements , who are self decorated Heroes of Pakistan and claims to be Most Patriotic, while the Shia community which comprises about 30% of the Pakistani Population , doesn’t get any coverage , even of the worst disaster .

Now the Shia Population have started Migrating from the Main Stream Media to their own small but reliable sources available , as now the NO. of Websites , Blogs and the sms have created a lot of awareness in the general Shia Population . And the work is going to even have a board , which will authenticate these sites, blogs , and even the sms network so the enemies , could not take advantage of these things and create chaos, and Uncertainity among the shia masses .

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