A Huge Protest against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan by the Muslims Of UK ,infront of Pakistani Embassy in London

JNN 14 April 2012 London : A Huge Protest was Organised by the Muslims of Great Britain, against the Target Killing of the Shia Population of Pakistan out side the Pakistani Embassy in Knightsbridge, Central London, in which hundreds of Protester have come to Participate in the Protest to condemn and Wake up the People Running the Government of Pakistan. 

As per our Correspondent , People have travelled long distances to Participate in the Protest , to show their support and solidarity with the Innocent Shia Population of Pakistan , which is being Targetted on Sectarian basis and being Killed , for No crime and fault of their , as the Only fault and crime they are being killed is that they  follow the True path of Islam , which is in accordance with the teaching of Our Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his Ahlul Baet.

“What is going on in Pakistan is absolutely shocking, innocent people are being killed for their religious beliefs!” said Hashim Qureshi a protestor who travelled from Northampton to London for the protest.

Another protestor from Wales who especially booked a coach and brought members of his community from Wales down said: “I have come from Wales with my friends and family to stand up against the hate and killings of innocent Shias in Pakistan, this is not right and the Pakistani Government need to do something about this.”

“The way in which the followers of the Ja’fari Madhhab were then slaughtered cannot be described in words,” said Tahir Kazmi from London.

It is well documented that in Chilas Gilgit, Pakistan about 10 to 12  buses and Coaches were stopped and the ID cards of the passengers on board were checked and Identified of their Sect , to which they belong and the names which indicated that they follow the Shia school of thought , were brutally Murdered by Beating them to death, Stoning them , and even tying up their hands and Legs and then throwing them into the river , from the KKH . The women were even abused and the Pattern was the same , as Yazid did after the event of Karbala , whose forces raided the Holiest Cities of Islam Mecca and Medina, and Butchered Hundred of Muslims , and even its forces raped and tortured the Muslim Women, and due to which about 1000 Illegitimate Children were born to these women .

The History is speaking for it self as nothing has to be said that who is in favour of Islam , and on the true Path of Islam and who belong to which section of Section of Islam , as Quran clearly Mentions about the Munafiqs who call them selves Muslims , but they are the worst enemies of Islam , worst then the Infidels .

The Blindness of the Government of Pakistan can be Noticed by the facts on the ground , that after the Incident of Chilas , where every savagery was done , the Whole Gilgit , Skardu and adjoining areas were Put under curfew and even all the forms of telecommunication links were cut off , for the People of Gilgit and Skardu ,and the Curfew was not even relaxed for more than 96 hours , and even after that it was just relaxed for 2 hours,  while where there is the Majority Population is of Shia Muslims , and there was no danger of conflict , but they were even then Punished. But the Area of Chilas where all the Brutalities and Murders were done by the Extremist Wahabi forces, that was left Open and guarded by the LEA’s .

The protestors in London also condemned the Pakistani and International Media , which has kept its silence on the brutalities of Wahabi extremist ,which are Partners of the zionist , as if any thing happen to the Zionist Interest , whole of the world is awaken with the Breaking News, But as now the anti Zionist Shia People are being Killed , the matter is being Hushed up under the Carpet . And the there is no report of the Brutalities commited , but even of the Protest now being organized World over against these Shia Target Killings , are not even being reported in the Main Stream Media .

As now the Only Good News is that the Shia Population of the World have now turned their Back from the Main stream Media ,and is supporting and getting their reliable News from the Newly developed Shia Media , which serving the community , even facing all the hardships . As it is in its Infancy , but still trying to take whole of the burden , on their weak shoulders.

As now the Shia Target Killing have gone beyond its limits in Pakistan, so Muslims around the World have started to take a serious notice of this Situation, and are Doing Demonstrations and Protest to condemn the Incompetency of the LEA to nab the criminal and the Biased rule of Judiciary , who finds all the lacunas in the Constitution of Pakistan to give Capital Punishment to the Criminal who are even Nabbed , as they given the Benefit of doubt , Weak Prosecution of the cases against the Terrorists from the Government , and above all the connection of the extremist to the Establishment of Pakistan in getting them the Clean chit , and Freedom to repeat their acts of Terrorism and Claim them Publicly and through the So called Independent Media of Pakistan, Which is hesitant to show any mercy on the Killing of Peace Loving , Innocent Shia People of Pakistan.

Islam Times is reporting live from outside the Pakstani Embassy in Knightsbridge, Central London where hundreds of protestors have gathers from ascross the United Kingdom to show their anger and disgust at the recent Shia Killings in Pakistan…

The protest is very peaceful and the protestors are hoping their voices are heard by the Pakistan Embassy officials as the sectarian violence towards the Shia Muslims is unbelievable and now target killings have started.

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