8 Shia Hazaras Martyred in Quetta by the Target Killing of LeJ ;15-day toll rises to 26

JNN 14 April 2012 QUETTA: At least eight members of the Shia Hazara community and a policeman were Martyred in three attacks here on Saturday.

After the attacks and subsequent violence, the administration called out Frontier Corps in the city. The paramilitaries started taking up positions at important places in the evening.

“Seven people were killed in firing on two vehicles on Brewery Road and Subzal Road,” DIG (Operation) Qazi Wahid told Dawn.

The terrorists first struck at Killi Ibrahimzai, where four motorcyclists fired at a yellow cab that was taking six people to Quetta from Hazara town.

“They opened fire on the car from two directions, killing all the six passengers. They suffered bullet wounds to their heads,” police said.

In the other shooting, two men riding a motorcycle attacked another vehicle on Subzal Road.

One man was killed on the spot and another was critically injured. He died in the Combined Military Hospital.

Saturday’s killings took the number of Hazara Shias killed in Quetta and its vicinity during the past fortnight to 26.

The Hazara Democratic Party has called upon the community to observe a strike on Sunday to “register outrage over the unabated killings”.

Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani, who was in Islamabad, expressed sorrow over the deaths and ordered officials concerned to “take all possible steps for arresting the culprits”.

The Balochistan governor had earlier this week criticised the provincial government, warning that the army could be called out if the administration failed to protect life and property.

Soon after Saturday’s attacks, angry protesters blocked the road that leads from Quetta to Hazara town.

The protesters also burnt tyres at different points in Quetta and some men riding motorcycles fired blank shots, triggering panic.

Shops and business centres were closed and people started rushing home as fear overtook the city after masked men riding motorcycles fired indiscriminately in shopping areas.

Members of the Hazara community converged on Brewery Road in their hundreds and at the Bolan Medical College Hospital, where bodies were placed for identification. The enraged crowd pelted vehicles with stones and blocked roads.

Groups of protesters burnt tyres at Meezan Chowk and in some other places across the Balochistan capital.

However, security personnel dispersed them after firing shots in the air.

Home Secretary Naseebullah Bazai immediately called out the Frontier Corps to control the situation.

“Ten FC battalions have been deployed in and around Quetta to restore peace and order,” official sources said.

Heavy contingents of FC, police and Balochistan Constabulary patrolled the road and streets of the provincial capital.

The Situation in Pakistan , and especially in Karachi , Quetta and Gilgil Baltistan has become that now the only solution to it is that the Military should take over and at the same time the Armed forces of Pakistan should do a thorough screening of their Men, and should Black list the Black Sheeps , who are supporting the Extremist and Terrorist elements , which are working extensively working for the Dis Integration And Chaos , and in the Name of Talibanization , and Islamization they are denting the Ideological and territorial boundaries of Pakistan.

The Shia Target Killing has been so much intensified , that now the Muslims around the world have taken notice of it , and they are Organising Protests in their Places of residence ,as Lately there was No. of Protest were Organised , which includes in London , Toronto, Washington DC. And there are reports that there are still a No. of Protest are being Planned and will be done in other Cities of the World.

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10 thoughts on “8 Shia Hazaras Martyred in Quetta by the Target Killing of LeJ ;15-day toll rises to 26

  1. No use of Protest, no need of Complaint, Police , Army , adminstration, many of them are part of the scheme , Operation target killing of Shia , this entitles the momeneen to take revenge for prevention of further Terrorism . Solution . Kill
    at least hundred for each shia martyred in target killing . This is not only Jaez but now a farizah of every able bodied Momin . Acquire Arms, train perfectly and go but beware not a single innocent person should have even a scrach .This is Islam , Old ,infirm should help in monetary terms This is all Jehad not that KhudKash blasts, that is only Terrorism ..

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