MWM Call’s off its Parliament House Sit In after 9 Days , after successful negotiations

JNN 14 April 2012 Islmamabad  : On Saturday Night A High Level Government Delegation did Negotiations with the WMM appointed team to resolve the Issue , and On assurance from the government Representatives, that all their demands will be met within 15 days of time, MWM announced to call off its Sit In Infront of the Parliament House and were dispersed Peacefully.

According to the details A high Level Government Official team which Includes , Chairman Senate Syed Nayyar Bukhari, PPP’s newly appointed federal ministers Qamar Zaman Kaira , Nazar Gondal, Chief Commissioner, IG, Deputy Commissioner and others held talks with the MWM leaders , Allama Amin Shaheedi, Allama Asghar Askari and Allama Iqbal Behishti . they did discussion and negotiation for about 4 Hours , which was also later joined by the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik , after the discussion the Government team accepted the demands presented by MWM. And also agreed to Implement all the demands within 15 Days .

As per the demands the Government will constitute a Commission Headed By a Judge of Supreme Court , and another from the High Court , A Shia And a Sunni Scholar , and a Lawyer. While the Commision will be bound to submit its report in 30 Days time, and will give the details of the actual No. of Persons Missing & Murdered in the Chilas Brutal Incident, and also the causes of the Chilas Tragedy.

As per the Long Standing Demand of the Curriculum of the Schools and Colleges of the Gilgit Baltistan, the Government team assured that A curriculum acceptable to all Sects will be Made.

The Curfew in Gilgit , in the day time will be lifted ,and only night curfew will be imposed , and that also will be with drawn, as the Situation comes to Normalcy.

The Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan ,also ordered the head of Intelligence Agencies and assured the MWM leaders that the People arrested on suspicion of arson and violence will also be released .

While the CM Mehdi Shah, sought for time till Monday for the arrests of all the Wanted and Nominated terrorist , for which they ll ask for help from the Local Jirga , Other wise in case of failure an Operation will be launched against the terrorists.

While the Heirs / Relatives of each of the Martyr will be Paid an amount of Rs.Two Million as the compensation .

Rangers will be deployed to make the route safe. Rangers’ mobile teams will patrol from Kohistan’s area Dabir to Chilas. Gilgit Scouts will patrol from Chilas to Gilgit,

Kaghan Road will be constructed for safe travel from Rawalpindi to Gilgit. Funds have been allocated for this purpose. Extra flights will be available for air travelling and C-130 planes will also be available in addition to the PIA.

After the End of the successful negotiations with the Government  Allama Raja Nasir Abbas informed the protestors at the sit-in about the details given above and announced that protests would be resumed if government would not honour the agreement.

As per our sources Paramilitary forces and police started a search operation in Chilas, the headquarters of Diamer district, to arrest people involved in mob violence which led to the targeted killing of Shia passengers 10 days back. Around 200 soldiers of the GB Scout and policemen conducted raids in different parts of Chilas to arrest the culprits.

After successfully negotiating with members of Majlis-e-Wahadatul Muslimeen (MWM) to end their week-long sit-in against sectarian killings outside the Parliament House, the Secretariat police on Saturday sealed the Parade Avenue and declared it a “no-go zone”.

“No protests, processions and sit-ins will be allowed at the parade lane in the future,” said an official of the Secretariat police. The police has secured the area with barbed wires on all sides and has set up standing barricades at the entry and exit points of the road, he added.

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