Protest at Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC Demanding for Immediate Action against the Shia Target Killer’s in Pakistan

JNN 16  April 2012 WASHINGTON : On Saturday 14th April 2012 Hundreds of people protested outside the Pakistan Embassy In Washinton DC, calling for immediate action against those responsible for “target killings of Shias” across Pakistan.

The participants of the Washington DC rally had traveled from Houston, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and other cities to register their protest.

They raised the slogans of “Shias and Sunnis are brothers”, “Long Live Pakistan” and “Shame Shame Taliban”.

 “The Pakistani government has failed in providing security to Shias,” said Shamshad Haider, a religious scholar from Texas, while addressing the protesters. “They act only after the killers retreat to their safe havens and so far not a single ringleader has been arrested.”

Mr Haider said that Shias living in the United States planned to take the issue to human rights groups and seek their help to end sectarian violence in Pakistan.

Chairperson of Gilgit-Baltistan National Alliance Malika Baltistani was also present among the Protesters. She highlighted that the Gilgit – Baltistan, which Provides the Water , Minerals and the safe Land Route to China, But even then the People of Baltistan, are being Oppresed , just as the Majority Population of the area Belongs to Shia Sect, she also condemned Pakistani government for patronizing the terrorists. She said that Pakistan is pursuing the age-old Umayyad and Abbasid policy of Shia persecution.

The protesters also handed over a memorandum to a representative of the Pakistan Embassy, urging the government to immediately put a stop to sectarian violence, bring medical and other reliefs to the victims and provide ample security to the people living in vulnerable areas like Quetta and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The memorandum also demanded immediate restoration of communication links to the Gilgit-Baltistan area. They noted that the government’s decision to break the links had only increased the sufferings of the people living in these areas.

Noting that Extremist Banned Organisations were backing the attackers, the memorandum demanded that “the criminals and their masters, planners, suppliers and financiers should be brought to justice immediately.”

Speakers at the rallies categorically stated that they are not protesting against Pakistan or against any sect of Islam. They are against the extremist ideology followed by the barbaric criminals committing the massacres and against the Government of Pakistan for failing to close Saudi-funded hate schools and for failing to arrest the murderous and trained Assasins of these schools.

Delegation of the protestors across North America and Europe met with the officials at the Pakistani Embassies and Consulates and submitted their demands for the Government to take action against the perpetrators within 15 days and to take concrete steps to end the ongoing genocide. The protestors passed a resolution that if the Government does not arrest the perpetrators within 15 days they will hold larger and frequent protests across North America and Europe and will take their case to the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

The largest rallies were taken out in Washington DC (USA), London (UK) and Toronto (Canada), where thousands of Muslims belonging to various sects of Islam gathered to show their solidarity with the victims.

Hundreds also gathered in Los Angeles, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to show their solidarity with the victims of the Shia Target Killing  whose eyes were gouged out and heads smashed with rocks in front of their families without any reason.

Protest Against Shia Target Killing in Pakistan Across US & Canada were Organised according to the following schedule –

Sat, April 14, 2012, 11:00AM in front of Pakistan Embassy  Washington D.C

Buses were being arranged from several states by volunteers,

City Date Venue
Washington DC Sat, April 14, 2012, 11:00AM Embassy of Pakistan,
3517 International Court NW Washington, DC

Other Places where similar Demonsrations are being held by Shia Community volunteers themselves.

City Date / Time Venue  Video Footage of the Event
Sat, April 14, 2012
10850 Wilshire Blvd # 1250,
Los Angeles, CA
Sat, April 14, 2012
Consulate General of Pakistan,
1120 Finch Av. West,
North York, ON
Click  for Video link

Click  for Video link 2

Sat, April 14, 2012
High Commission for Pakistan
10 Range Road,
Click  for Video Link 3
Sat, April 14, 2012
In Front of Pakistan Consulate
Gathering at,
Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby St., Vancouver BC
Click  for the Video
Sat, April 14, 2012
Calgary City Hall
Calgary, AB

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