Saudi’s Training Somalis to Kill Shiite Houthis in Yemen & to fan sectarianism

JNN 17 April 2012 Riyadh : Saudi Arabia has been funding and training Somali refugees to fight the Shiite Houthi movement and spark sectarian strife in Yemen in a bid to immune the kingdom to the spread of Yemen’s revolution, sources said on Monday.

Informed sources said that nearly 1,300 Somalis have arrived in Saudi Arabia through the country’s border with Yemen and are being trained and provided with logistical aid and weapons to return to Yemen to stop the spread of Islamic awakening to Saudi Arabia.

“These people can easily infiltrate Yemen’s coasts via sea routes by the possibilities that the US (Saudi Arabia’s staunch ally) provides for them in a bid to fuel sectarian and ethnic strife in the region as sought by the US intelligence apparatus,” the source underscored.

“Saudi Arabia is also welcoming them and is training them in its special military training centers to use them against the Shiite Houthis in Northern Yemen,” the sources said.

Meantime, sources said that Saudi Arabia has recently evacuated five Yemeni villages and destroyed homes near the borders and will construct a wall in the joint border areas.

The Al-Houthi movement has opposed Saudi Arabia’s interfering measures in Yemen. The movement say that uprisings in the region have increased Riyadh’s concerns about the future of the Saudi regime.

Since Saudi Arabia shares long joint borders with Yemen, it has interfered in the country’s internal affairs and still continues meddling.

The revolution of the Yemeni people has worried Saudi Arabia because Riyadh is worried that the flames of the revolution may spread to Saudi Arabia too. As it is already encircled  between the flaring revolutions in Yemen and Bahrain . And the Oppressed People and a Vast Majority of the Poor People of Saudi Arabia are ready to stand for their rights and legitimate right to control the National Wealth , usurped by the House of Saud’s.

2 thoughts on “Saudi’s Training Somalis to Kill Shiite Houthis in Yemen & to fan sectarianism

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