JAP convenes APC on the ongoing Terrorism and Sectarianism , with special attention on Shia Target Killing causes and eradication

JNN 25 April 2012 Karachi : Jafria Alliance Pakistan convened an All Parties Conference , in which all the Leader of the Ruling and the Opposition Parties and even which are not in the the assemblies , and from all the Religious and Political Parties were invited , and All the Major Parties Leader Participated and vowed to work together for the elimination of Terrorism and Target Killing , and especially Shia Target Killing across Pakistan.

The APC started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Md.Hanif, and after that Aftab Fateh Puri recited Hamd O Naat , and then the Lay Out of the Conference was Presented by the Sr. Vice President of JAP , Maulana Hussain Masoode ,

After which the Conference started with Qari Mohd. Iqbal ( Binori Town )  who in his short remarks , showed his Solidarity with the resolutions that will be presented at the end of the conference.

A large No. of Speakers gave out there views and suggestions to the forum for the elimination of Terrorism , and Sectarian Target Killing across Pakistan.

The Party representatives which attended the conference were namely as Mufti Feerozuddin Hazarvi,Nasrullah Khan Shaji ( JI ) , Aslam Rajput , PTI, Qazi Noorani ( JUP –  N ) , Mehfoof Yar Khan   ( AML ) , Micheal Javed ( Minority wing – PTI) , Maulana Shehenshah Naqvi – ( SUC ) , Rana Saeed ( PML – Hum Khyaal ) ,Senator (R) Iqbal Haider ( PPP ), Nihal Hashmi (PML – N) , Shabbir Mesami ( SUC) , Rana Gul Afridi ( ANP ) , Waseem Aftab ( MQM ) , Hafiz Kh. Adnan Nizami Chistia ( Ajmeri ) , Taj Haider ( PPP ) ,Maulana Mirza Yousuf ( SAC), Maulana Salahuddin ( MWW ), Bostan Ali Hoti of PML-Q.

Among other speakers at the conference Senator ( R) Iqbal Haider , presented his views very boldly, and clearly and condemned Taliban , As this all terrorism  just started from the Zia’s regime, while Pervez Musharaf gave it more powers, while it started in gilgit Baltistan , 1984 when the enemy forces from Afghanistan , came from across Border , while the forces of Pakistan didn’t intercepted them and confronted them and they Killed brutally the Innocent Shia Population of Gilgit , and Nobody from the Govt , helped them , and in same Masacare even Maulana Rizvi , embraced Martyrdom.

And even in Quetta the scenario is the same , as since the day the Taliban have made the Head Quarter of their Shura  in Quetta , the target Killing of Shia Musllims have started forcefully

He even questioned about the role of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies , don’t they have any Intelligence Report of the upcoming Incidents of Terrorism , Or do they are so naïve and So much Incompetent that they don’t have any knowledge of it at all  , if this is the scenario then these agencies should be scraped , and the funds of trillions of rupees , which are being used by them , should be distributed among the shia  victims of these ongoing target Killing and  terrorism , Or on the Other Hand if they say NO we have reports of these Upcoming Incidents in advance , but we could not prevent them then he added that he will be  justified in saying that our Intelligence agencies are being  used as tools for the American Establishment ,and not working for the safe guard of the Innocent Pakistanis.

As per his Opinion the Shia Target Killing is a Part of the Upcoming Plan of US , which is trying to attack and Invade Iran on the same pattern as it did with the Iraq , and at the time when it attacks Iran , to prevent any resistance from Pakistan US may face from the 30% Shia Population of Pakistan in shape of agitation against US , So to avoid such a scenario against the so called Super Power of the World,  the Shia Community is being  targeted and  Killed and it is therefore a huge upsurge in the terrorism activities against Shia community , so they can be completely crushed or eliminated from the scene , when the US tries to Implement its nefarious designs of attacking the Brotherly Islamic Country of Iran.

He further added “ I felt Happy when you can stop the supply of NATO , but  then Y can t they stop the supply line of arms of the Terrorist and Taliban , who are working under different Names , whether it may be  Lashkar e Taiba, Jaish e Muhammad , Jamat ut dawa, Defence of Pakistan Council  . As he also pointed out the absence of the representatives from the Parties like JUI – F , JUI – S , and other like minded parties from the conference.

He even claimed that all these terrorist Organisation who are getting financed by the Arabian Countries and are sponsors of  terrorism in Pakistan.

Majority of the Participants were of the view that the Wall Chalkings and the Banners from the any Organisation or Groups should be controlled and condemned  , as this is a major cause of Conflicts and Sectarian Violence , as it Initiates the Process of disharmony and Sectarinism, between the Peace loving Population of the country.

“ The extremist and culprits involved in the heinous crimes of Terrorism and Target Killing should not only be prosecute but also be Punished, as this is the Only solution for putting a check on terrorism in this Pakistan”  Nasrullah Shaji (JI) said

Aslam RajPut (PTI)  He emphasized that as Iqbal said in his poetry that the one who is loyal to Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH, gets Heaven in reward , while if someone who kills the one whom Our Prophet Loves , how can he be a muslim. The Only solution to all the Problems is the Unity among all the Muslims.

Shahenshah Hussain Naqvi ( SUC) and  other Participant emphasized on convening such conferences and sitting of Religious Leaders across the table on regular basis as this will help in understanding each other Point of View and will give chances of eliminating misconceptions about each other , which will ultimately be helpful in eliminating Sectarinism and finally Terrorism which is done under the cover of Sectarianism.

Nihal Hashmi (PML – N)  gave the conclusion as that there si No writ of Govt in the state . And if the State can not Provide security to the Population , then it have no authority  to collect taxes from these People .

Shabbir Meesami ( SUC)  said that Any country can never prosper if it doesn’t have the Justice system , and He Pointed out towards the CJ of Pakistan by reminding him that if he is not biased and upto the Mark , then He should also take notice of the Target Killing of the Presiding  Governer of Punjab , whose Killer even Publicly admits of his heinous crime , but if he has the guts then we will await to see him Penalized of Capital Punishment.

While he also criticized the Biased attitude of the Media , who claims to be independent , but doesn’t report even huge Shia Public gatherings and events , but do report the tractor and trolley accidents from remote areas of Pakistan.

Waseem Aftab (MQM) expressed his view as  The State have till now not decided to make this country One Nation ,as therefore they have divide the Population in different sects, and ethenicities , while the Day the state will make a firm decision that there is no ethenicity or sect in the country , but only one Nationality  , that is Pakistani , that will be the day when the Nation will Prosper, Every Govt has failed till to day , and it is the responsibility of the state to eliminate the sectarianism and  ethenicities from the country and to Unite all the Population of the country Under  only one Nationality , that is Pakistani .

Finally Senator ( R) Allama Abbas Kumaili made his concluding remarks as We made this country , at the time when we have love for each other and we made this Pakistan to Prevail  the Justice in the country  , as this Pakistan was Made in the Leadership of Quaid e Azam , and it is a 100% Fact that he was a Shia ,he even confirmed that as the President of KPSIAJ , he is in Witness of the Documents like his Nikahnama and as Quaid e Azam was even a registered member of the Khoja Jamaat ,  and now these extremist and terrorist are actually now trying to call the founder of Pakistan Infidel . And even at that time every body knew he was a Shia , and even then every body trusted him and under his leadership Pakistan was formed . And Now it is a clear conspiracy against Pakistan and to DisIntegrate it further as it has already been bifurcated in 1971 .

Aae Dost Dil mein gard e Kadoorat Na chahiye

Ache to kia buroo se bhi Nafrat na chahi;ye

Kehta hai Kon Phool se Raghbat na chahiye

Per Kante se bhi tujhe Wahshat na chahiye

Kante mein bhi hai laho sabzazar ka

Pala hoa hai yeh bhi naseem e Bahar ka

He emphasized onteh Point that There are More than 57 Muslim countries in the World , but this terrorism is only in Pakistan, And this all is Just bcoz of the Strategic & Geographic Position of Pakistan .

The Banned Organisation should not only be banned, but there members should also be Banned from their actitvities.

And even the Political and Religious parties should also check with in their ranks , that these extremist are trying to take cover under the banner of these Parties.

And finally he presented the Resolution and as per the suggestion of Taj Haider he confirmed with all the participants present that  Do all the Parties agree on Making a comitte for close coordination from all the Political and Religious Parties, which was confirmed by all the members of the conference.

And to conclude the Program  Allama Razi Jafer Prayed on behalf of all the Participant for Peace , Prosperity and Security of Pakistan and especially the Jafria community , which is under severe Pressure of Terrorism and Target Killing across Pakistan at Present.

To See the Complete Conference Click on this Video link

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