A Suicide Bomber Killed 2 accomplices arrested , by the efforts of Shia Hazara Volunteers and LEA's Personnel

JNN 27 April 2012 QUETTA: A potential suicide bomber was killed when a detonator he was carrying along with a suicide vest prematurely went off on Kirani Road near Hazara Town, pre-dominantly Shia Muslims’ neighbourhood in Quetta, on Thursday night.

Pakistani security forces killed a Potential suicide bomber and injured two others on Thursday evening minutes before they could attack a Shia pilgrims’ bus in southwestern provincial capital of Quetta, local media reported.

The police officials in plain clothes deputed near Hazara Town tried to stop a suspect and opened fire at him when he tried to run away, Superintendent Police (SP) Brewery Malik Arshid said.

According to reports, police personnel in Plain Clothes with the volunteers of Hazara Community Youth stopped three suspected persons for checking at a check post but they ran away from the site towards the Hazara Town.

Police personnel followed and opened aerial firing to stop them but they threw a hand grenade at policemen besides spraying bullets with pistols.

The detonator prematurely went off, killing the man on the spot; however, his suicide vest could not explode, he added. The explosion rocked the area.

On checking, police also found an explosive jacket tied to the body of the killed person, which was later diffused by the bomb disposal squad.

According to the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS), the bomber was carrying 4-5kg explosive material and ball bearings.

Police shifted both injured terrorists to the unknown place for the treatment and investigation.

A security official told media that the terrorists were trying to enter the Hazara town, a sensitive area of the Quetta city where most Shia killings had been reported in recent months.

“They were on the way to attack a bus of pilgrims of Shiite Muslims planning to go to Iran for a holy visit,” said the official.

Sources said that the alleged suicide bomber wanted to target the people of Shia Hazara community and the police with the Help of Volunteers from the Hazara Community successfully foiled the attempt.

The body was shifted to Bolan Medical College (BMC) Teaching Hospital for autopsy. The identity of the alleged bomber could not be ascertained as yet.

The police in Quetta have adopted the strict security measures after an increase in the sectarian killings during last month.

At least 26 people of Shiite Muslim community were shot dead in Quetta since the start of this month in different firing incidents.

Hundreds of people have been killed in violence between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Pakistan, especially, during last three decades.

Hafiz Naseer and Hafiz Wazir Ali alias Ali Sher Haider

In another Incident Two terrorists killed in an encounter in Akhtarabad area of Quetta ,near Hazara Town on Monday have been identified as key members of the banned outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ).

The group has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks targeting Shia Muslims in the province.

“They belonged to LJ and were identified as Hafiz Naseer and Hafiz Wazir Ali alias Ali Sher Haideri, the spokesperson of the banned outfit,” , allegedly involved in killings of hundreds of Shias, city police officer Amir Mohammad Dasti told Our Correspondent on Tuesday, adding that the government had earlier announced a bounty on Hafiz Naseer.

Ali Murad alias Ali Sher Haidri, a resident of Machh in Balochistan, was identified by his brother. Police also recovered cell phones that had contact numbers of various media outlets and journalists. The other terrorist killed in the encounter was identified as Gul Jan alias Hafiz Naseer, a resident of Dalbandin. Bodies of both the terrorists were kept in the hospital morgue pending further legal proceedings.

A police official, Amir Dasti, confirmed the identity of both the terrorists, adding that law enforcement agencies had announced reward on information leading to arrest of Hafiz Naseer.

For further confirmation of the terrorists’ identity, police was making arrangement for a DNA test, the official said, adding that samples required for the test had been sent to a laboratory in Islamabad. According to sources, a police patrol supported by a Balochistan Anti-Terrorism Police squad chased a car that had sped away from a security checkpoint in Akhtarabad. When police intercepted the fleeing men, they opened fire on them. The security personnel returned fire, killing both the terrorists. mohammad zafar

Earlier, Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani announced half a million rupees for the police party which took part in the operation, in addition to promising them a promotion to next rank.

According to official sources, a DNA sample of the terrorists had also been sent to Islamabad to confirm their identities while their bodies were being kept at a morgue in Bolan Medical College (BMC) Teaching Hospital. The relatives of the suspects had identified the bodies as Ali Murad, a resident of Mach and Gul Jan, a resident of Dalbandin.

While the New Spokes Person for the Banned Terrorist Organisation LeJ, Abu Bakkar Siddique , have also confirmed the Death of the Members of LeJ , By calling to the Media Persons from an UnKnown Location, and have also threatened to take revenge of these Killing , by striking hard on the People and the LEA’s .

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