Thousands stage Protest in Austria , Sweden, Canada against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan

JNN 30 April 2012 Stockholm : Hundreds of protesters including human rights activists held a protest demonstration in Malmo, Sweden against the Shia Target Killing  of innocent Shi’a Muslims across Pakistan.

Similar Protest were recorded in Vienna , Austria and Vancouver ,Canada , were Muslims and even Human Rights activist Joined the Protests and raised their voice against the Targeted Killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

In Vancouver , Canada They Protest in front of the Pakistani High Commision and demanded that the Government should take a serious action against those involved in these Killings , and assure the security of their loved ones back home.

In Sweden They were holding banners and placards with slogans asking Pakistani government to take action against killers in Quetta and provide security to the Shia Hazara community.

Speakers condemned the continued killings of Shi’a Muslims, calling it a genocide and demanded the Government of Pakistan to take action against a bunch of sectarian terrorists. They also demanded the international community and human rights organizations to pressurize the Pakistani Government to launch operation against killers of the innocent Shi’a Muslims.

Hazara diaspora is organizing protest demonstrations worldwide between April 20-30 in front of Pakistani embassies and human rights organizations to raise voice against the genocide of Shia Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan.

Analysis :

These Protest have showed that the Pakistani Migrated to foreign lands have not closed their eyes towards the Performance of the government and the Intelligence agencies , as if they have taken refuge in foreign lands , but still keep their tight vigil on their Policies and governance as they have their roots back at home , and also their near and dear ones back home ,whom they not only support financially , but want to see them Prosper and secure. And for that reason they remit huge funds back home , which is not only beneficial for their loved ones , but on which the Government also rely heavily.

So if the US and the other government can say that if they give financial assistance to Pakistan , then they have the right to dictate even to the Government of Pakistan, So if this is the scenario , then the Pakistani living abroad ,which even contribute a heavy sum in shape of foreign exchange remittances back home , which also support the budget of Pakistan ,so they  also have a right to ask for the security and Prosperity of their loved ones back home.

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4 thoughts on “Thousands stage Protest in Austria , Sweden, Canada against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan

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