3 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom in the ongoing Target Killing of SSP in Karachi

JNN  01 May 2012 Karachi : The Target Killing menace has claimed three more Lives of Shia Men in the broad day light on Monday as namely Nasir Ali,  28, S. Ahsan Abbas Naqvi s/o Zaigham Abbas , 55, and Zia Mehdi s/o Naseem Ul Hassan , 23 in the limit of Karachi City.

As in the Broad Day light on the Liaqatabad – Karimabad Bridge 3 Colleagues  , S.Ahsan Abbas , Zia Mehdi , and Junaid were passing on their 2 Bikes towards their Homes, unaware of the danger  as all  the 3 Shia colleagues  have no enemity or Personal disputes with any body , But they didn’t knew that the Devil was following them , in shape of Lashkar e Jhangvi terrorist ,as they crossed half of the bridge , the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , who were also on a Bike and were following these 3 Shia Men targeted and as they came near to them , they fired several rounds on these Shia Men, due to Ahsan Abbas was hit in his arm , and another bullet crossed him grazing his chest , but due to these injuries he lost his balance from the Bike and fell on the Bridge , and as he fell in such an auckward position that his Neck broke and He died instantly at the spot , while the Killers shot Zia from a Point Blank range on his forehead , and he also embraced Martydom at the same time, while Junaid the third colleague , also sustained multiple Bullet injuries and as he was also lying on the road , in a Pool of Blood , the Assasins sped away on their bike ,Unhindered.

All the Three were shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , were Ahsan and Zia were declared Dead On Arrival, while Junaid were given first Aid and his Bullet wounds were being Operated , and His condition is said to be stable , and he is getting the Medical assistance .

Ahsan Abbas was deeply associated with the Noha Khawan Nadeem Sarwar , and was virtually working as his Manager, and all his foreign and Local Programs were Managed and Booked by him . While Young Zia was said to be deeply involved in the activities related to the Political Party MQM, and there are some people of the view that his Target Killing May be due to his Political Association .

The Bodies of Both the Martyrs Ahsan and Zia were shifted to Masjid e Khair Ul Amal , Sadaat Colony, F.B. Area # 20, where there Funeral Prayer was offered at around 2.45p.m on Tuesday, The Funeral of Both the Martyr was attended by thousands of People from all the walks of Society , And their Funeral Prayer was offered with a Participation of thousands of People , and after that there bodies were taken in a Procession to the Main Shahrah e Pakistan , from there bodies were taken for burial at the Wadi e Hussain Graveyard at Super Highway.

In the second Incident Nasir Ali was Targetted in the Nayabad area of Lyari Town, and He also received Multiple bullet wounds fired by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba, who could not survive the fatal Injuries , and embraced Martyrdom on the spot .

Analysis :

There are Protest against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan around the World , as Protest has already been organized in the different places  namely as London, U.K , Washington D.C, U.S  , Toronto ,Canada Vancouver,Canada ,  Malmo, Sweden, Austria , Australia , and at the same time the People are submitting their grievances at different Organisation and forums , UNO , Human Rights Associatons , But the the Government of Pakistan’s Executive , Legislative , Establishment , Judiciary or the LEA’s have not taken any concrete steps to curtail the ongoing trend of Shia Target Killing , due to which there is a strong sense of Insecurity which has been developed in the shia Population living in Pakistan and Abroad . And the Government is losing its trust in the eyes of the Shia Population ,

As in such situations and scenarios the revolutionary forces start activating in the general Public and as a Result Revolution like Egypt , Tunisia, Libya , and Iran , are on the verge and the Moment the Population realizes that whether they speak up , stand up against the system Or keep silent , both the cases they have to lose their live , then the Honorable way to give life is definitely to secure the future of their children by giving life for a cause , then to Die coming in range of the Target Killers and Terrorist , who are coward as they don’t come on face and they Kill the People in the dark.

As now there is a very little time left with the Government and Establishment of Pakistan, to take Notice of these target Killings and to take a serious action to Nab the Criminal and Execute and Punish them with Capital Punishment , so the People can feel the Presence of the Government of Pakistan , otherwise if once the Innocent People will stand up against the Injustices done upon them , then Nobody can stop them , from doing Justice on the Roads and Punishing the Criminal and Corrupt on the roads

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