Shia Target Killing in Pakistan – Facts ,Causes and History

JNN 06 May 2012 Karachi : A human tragedy of inconceivable magnitude is taking across Pakistan which are being inexcusably and consciously ignored by Western media. The Protests are being organized all over the Europe , Canada , US , UK and Australia against the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan , but the Main stream Media has closed its eyes from this as they are the contributors of this Killings.
Only on April 2012, more than 250 Shia Muslims were severely tortured and huge Number was killed in broad daylight. A Number of pairs of Shias’ eyes were cut out of their sockets; many of them died while their faces had been smashed with stones or sprayed with acid. According to witnesses, who had managed to flee the scene of the crime, the Wahhabi attackers were void of any mercy; the criminals are now free and keep on contributing  in their feast of blood.

All these massacres are being legitimated and orchestrated by a Wahhabi group known as Sipah Sahaba Paksitan (SSP – ASWL )  who emerged in 1985 in the Pubjab province of Pakistan which was the Off Shoot of the Taliban , which were created  to curtail and counter the sweeping  Islamic Revolution of Iran and the Shia Muslims Of Pakistan were the Prime Target of this Group , as the Basic Religion of the Revolution of Iran was Islam, but as the Leaders of the Revolution was from the Shia Sect , and they have achieved a global recognition by the good Governance and Justice delivered to the grass root level  , and especially their was a need of such leaders in the region to curtail the Injustices of the Dictators Like Zia Ul Haq , and others , so the Shia Population who over the Period of time  had gradually  entered the political and economical positions in the Pakistani government were the Prime Targets of this Group . The extremist group was considerably beefed up and enlarged under support of the then Pakistani president Zia ul-Haq with the ultimate goal of establishing an independent Wahhabi state , on the Pattern of Suadi Arabia , as Saudi Monarchy the House of Ale Saud ,wanted to Lead the Islamic World as they thought , that after the Dismissal of Shah of Iran , who was Chairing the Leadership of the Islamic World , before the Irani Revolution ,so the House of Ale Saud and their allied Wahabi Shiekhs of Persian Gulf states  in Pakistan , sponsored this and like minded groups to implement the wahabi rule of Law ,  and for that reason the Shia Population was targeted to be tortured  and Killed at every level , to suppress the Shia Muslim to a limit that they are being eliminated from the Political and Economic Scene of  the  country , and if by any chance they live , they should not be able to speak or utter any word against the Rulers.

This is the Fact from the History that  the then Pakistani president Zia ul-Haq generously contributed to the emergence and development of such extremist groups and implicitly gave them complete freedom to engage in liquidating the Shia minority. The government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif which to a large extent relied on the Wahhabi extremists , as Nawaz Sharif himself came On the Cover of the Political Scene , with the Blessing of Zia Ul Haq, whom he himself regards and calls as his “ Father “  so the political support went silently by this spate of violence. However, in January 2001, Sipah e Sahaba Paksitan  was branded as a terrorist group , due to its activities , which were on record involved in  Anti state activities  , and under the then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. A violent crackdown soon ensued as a result of which many members went into hiding but the group later re-emerged and branched out under different names such as Lashkar Jhangvi ,  Jaish Muhammad, Jundullah and others . After all of this  Tehrik-e Taliban  Pakistan ( TTP ) came into being , which had all the elements of the Taliban and the Sipah e Sahaba  , which was now directly funded by the US Contractors and CIA itself , as now they were not only used against the Shia Community , but also against the Pakistani State , as the Irani Revolution had become a direct threat to the US, as the Irani Government had challenged the US Government at all the levels . And it became Imperative for the US , to command the terrorist groups like SSP , TTP, Jundullah , and Jaish Muhammad directly, as they need a strong foot hold on the Pakistani soil , rather a Permanent stay , and at the same time to counter the threat of the Irani , Chinese and other threats they were facing from the region.

Apart from the mass killing of the Shia groups, many  Shia  individuals also became the target of these terrorists backed by the Pakistani intelligence agencies, inter alia, ISI . Who were created by the Blessing of the Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan , but even at present  these terrorist groups have their well wishers , sitting in the Establishment and Power Corridors of  Pakistan.

A large number of Shia elite including doctors, engineers, university professors and top students were brutally assassinated by this sinister  group in areas such as Gilgit, Baltistan, Parachinar, Quetta, and even in major cities including Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Southern Punjab, and Islamabad.

Interestingly enough even the Judiciary is Blind and Biased to a Limit that  not a single soul has been prosecuted in such away that Capital Punishment could be awarded to him, on account for these gruesome murders over the past years. It is extremely unfortunate to note that no practical steps have been taken on the part of the government in order to stall the activities of these extremists.

The Largest Political Party in Pakistan  which has roots in all the Parts of Pakistan , due to the support of the Shia community  which is in Power at present , The current PPP rulers seem to have shut their eyes to the woes of Shia Muslims who are 30% of the Pakistani Population ,  who have contributed tremendously to the economic and social progress of the country. Even the Founder of Paksitan ,Mohammad Ali Jinnah,  was himself a Shia Muslim who healed the image of the country in the eyes of the international community.

And it is mere fact that No Political Party in Pakistan , can come to power ,with eliminating 30% Population of the Country , the  Shia Muslim in Pakistan , as now that has been confirmed by the Political Set up of Pakistan , that the Latest and the Biggest Party even for the Urban Sindh , namely MQM , has come upto such a strength , with the support of the Shia Population of  Karachi and the Urban Sindh , and they also knew ,that the day they loose the support of the Shia Population , they ll be cornered , from the Political scene of Pakistan.

As Nawaz Sharif even has realized this that he has been cornered to only some parts of Urban Punjab , and has lost all its standing from , rest of the Pakistan , as due to his support for the anti Shai terrorist groups , which are working not only against the Shia Population of Pakistan , but also against the State.

Conversely, the Shia community has, during all these years, been on the path of patience and has never responded wrath with wrath and hatred with hatred.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia , UAE and  Bahrain promote extremism in shape of Wahhabism and conduce to extremism by importing only non-Shia workers from Pakistan.UAE has been rather Unofficially busy in deporting Shia Population .

Media reports suggest that Bahrain has hired retired Wahabi Pakistani army officers to suppress the popular uprising in the country. Also, recent reports indicate that the Shia minority are being discriminated against in different government organizations in Pakistan. This is indeed an indirect act of promoting extremism within the Pakistani society.

Be it as it may, the target killings have not only destabilized Pakistan but also deprecated the country as a hotbed of extremism and terrorism on an international level.

These killings have provoked the ire of Sunni Muslims all across the country , who are themselves been victims at many times , by the hands of these Wahabi terrorisits , who believe atrocities of this nature gravely shake the very pillars of Pakistan, disrupt national unity, strengthen the enemies and drag the country into dreadful  extremism beyond salvation.

If the Pakistani establishment is really intent on stopping the spread of extremism in the country, they should cut off the invisible hands which buttress these extremist groups within the civilian government, military, intelligence services and the judiciary system.

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