Shia passenger coach attacked in Kurram Agency , Pakistan

JNN 12 May 2012 Peshawar : The van carrying Shia passengers was on its way from Parachinar to Peshawar when the terrorists attacked it with automatic weapons.

The incident sparked panic among the locals, who said the unabated acts of terrorism had raised serious questions about the efficiency of the FC and other security agencies.

Toori and Bangash tribes summoned an emergency meeting after the incident, declaring it an attempt of genocide against the tribes.

The elders of the tribes declared that the attack was part of a series of such incidents being carried out in the presence of FC troops, who merely stood as silent spectators. People of Lower Kurram had been left unprotected, they said.

They expressed disappointment that the checkposts the government had promised to establish at the Tal Road in Lower Kurram were instead being established in less-threatened areas of Upper Kurram.

The elders urged the government to deploy troops in Lower Kurram, saying terrorists had been carrying out their criminal activities in the area because of government’s failure to ensure proper security arrangements.

They said if the government faced a shortage of troops, it could re-locate those in Bahrain area.

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