George Bush Convicted as a War Criminal by Malaysian Tribunal

JNN 16 May 2012 Kaulalumpur: A symbolic War Crimes Tribunal in Malaysia has found former U.S. President George W. Bush and several other members of his administration guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity , Press reports. Continue reading

3 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom , in the ongoing target Killing by SSP and LeJ Terrorist in Karachi and Quetta

JNN 16 May 2012 Karachi : After some Peace , the Target Killing of Shia Men again starts as 3 Shia Men were Martyred , One in Karachi ,and 2 in Quetta in last 24 Hrs. As Syed Mehdi Raza s/o Askari Raza , 29 was targeted in the Nazimabad Area , and was Martyred as he was returning after Performing the Zuhrain Prayers , while in the second event 2 Young Shia Hazara Boys were Martyred on the Joint Road infront of the Passport Office of Quetta City. Continue reading