3 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom , in the ongoing target Killing by SSP and LeJ Terrorist in Karachi and Quetta

JNN 16 May 2012 Karachi : After some Peace , the Target Killing of Shia Men again starts as 3 Shia Men were Martyred , One in Karachi ,and 2 in Quetta in last 24 Hrs. As Syed Mehdi Raza s/o Askari Raza , 29 was targeted in the Nazimabad Area , and was Martyred as he was returning after Performing the Zuhrain Prayers , while in the second event 2 Young Shia Hazara Boys were Martyred on the Joint Road infront of the Passport Office of Quetta City.

According to the details , Mehdi Raza was a Pious man , as he was in the Business of Printing and had a Printing Press ,in the Nazimabad area , and use to say his Zuhrain Prayers in the Masjid Jamia Imamia,  and even on the unfortunate day , he also performed his Zuhrain Prayer at the Masjid , and as he was returning to his Printing Press after Performing his Prayers, the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who are the worst enemy of Islam and Momineen,  came on a bike and fired Multiple rounds at him , due to which he was critically injured , and he felled down on the road, the assailants sped away , unhindered ,as usual . While he was shifted to the Hospital, but due to the fatal injuries , he could not survive and embraced Martyrdom.

His body from there was shifted to the Imambargah Babul Ilm , North Nazimabad , where his body got ready for the funeral , and from there it was shifted to the Imambargah Ale Mohammad , North Karachi, where his funeral prayers was offered in the Presence of hundreds of his friends , relatives and community members at Maghribain Prayers.

The Funeral Prayer of Mehdi Raza was performed at ImamBargah Ale Mohammad , 5 C-3 , North Karachi, while his burial was performed at Wadi e Salam , Graveyard , Karachi.

Mehdi Raza was the Younger Brother of Riaz , who is the trustee of Imambargah Ale Mohammad.

In the second incident of target Killing , Tahir , and Sajjad Ali s/o Zahoor Shah , was gone to the Passport office , to have made their Passport , but the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi ,who have targeted them , as due to their ethnic look of Hazara  community , which is a 100% Shia Community , and just to Target and Kill Shia People , They were being Targetted and Martyred , by firing indiscirminately on both of them , due to which they were fatally injured, and due to the firing a Passerby Manzoor Ahmed , was also injured , who came in the range of the firing of the Terrorisit ,  and as the Assailants sped away after committing the Henious Crime , All the three were taken to the Hospital , where till about some time , the attendants were told that there condition were out of danger, but finally , they were told that the Brother Tahir and Sajjad have embraced Martyrdom , while the other Passerby , who was also with them was being treated , and is said to be out of danger.

After the Incident Heavy contingent of Police reached the area , and cordoned off the area , and started the search for the criminal, but till the filing of this report , no body was arrested .

After performing the Medico legal formalities , their bodies were shifted to the Imambargah on Alamdar Road, where their bodies were made ready for the funeral , after they got ready their funeral prayers were offered and later on their burial was performed at the local graveyard.

Analysis :

As in the case of target Killing of Shia Population of Karachi, as it is a general presumption among the People that as there were the Operation in the Lyari , against the Gangsters , who are  involved in the drugs peddling , gun running , extortion and other heinous crimes , rather it is a safe heaven for the Mafia , which has its off shoots in all over Karachi, in nearby slum areas of  every locality, where you can have access to drugs , weapons, and all the illegal activities , the whole of the Karachi took a bit of breath of relief, as the crime rate and the Target Killing all over Karachi , came to its lowest level till the operation was ON, and the moment the Operation was called off, and the Mafia got relaxed , again the Target Killing and crime rate graph started rising , as even the Interior Rehman Malik , have even confessed in his Interview , that Taliban are even using this area , as the safe Heaven , and all the other slum areas of Karachi , which are being ruled , by the Mafia Bosses , whose Head Quarter is in Lyari , and even where the God Fathers ,like Rehman Dacait , have their own constituency , where even the general poor public , knows that people like him , can only feed them , No matter in what type of labour , or crime ,he may involve you, But he will feed the families , even if you are arrested or killed in Police encounter.

While in Quetta the Banned Organisation like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkar e Jhangvi, Jundullah, Tehrik e Taliban, and other Allied Organisation and cells , are heavily funded by the US contractors , who have given these terrorist organization to Kill as many Shia as many they can , so they are crushed up to the lowest level , so they are in No Position to utter even a single word , if and when US attacks the Brotherly Muslim country of Iran, and as they knew that if and when do , even think of such an act , the biggest resistance they ll face , will be from the Shia community , so Preemptively  the US and there regional Partners/ Financers  Ale Saud have  invested heavily in the Killing and Terrorist attacks on Shia community.

But they have forgotten the lessons from the History , when such scenarios have come , and the faiths have been challenged , the most oppressed People have even Brought revolutions , against the Super Powers of the world , and this is what is fermenting , even in this case , as even the People , who were not very much religious , or even were not following have started following the true lessons of their Great Leaders like Imam Hussain a.s , and now as they know , they may be the next to be killed ,so why not to get ready and face the Oppressor on the door , before it is too late , and the Oppressor gets In.

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