This week 4 Men became victims of the Shia Target Kiling in Pakistan by SSP Terrorist

JNN 26 May 2012 Karachi : Last week the Target Killing claimed 4 lives of shia Men across Pakistan . Shehzad Hussain s/o Iqbal Hussain embraced Martydom , when the Bus he was riding , came under terrorist attack on the National Highway , enroute to Pindi. On Thursday 24th May Jawad Raza Shah s/o Ejaz Ali Shah was targeted and Martyred in Lahore , while another Shia Hazara Young Man Ameer Mohd Hamza resident of Hazara Town  was targeted in the Limits of Quetta city, where he embraced Martyrdom by the firing of Lashkar e Jhangvi Terrorists. Earlier in the Week  Manzoor Hussain was targeted in the Limits of Gulshan e Maymar , where he was fired by the same terrorist wing of Sipah e Sahaba , due to which he embraced Martydom. Continue reading