Zionist Forces even Attack and Kill US Citizens and Soldiers , USS Liberty Marines remembered

JNN 14 June 2012 Washington : Although 46 years have passed since Israel attacked a US Navy ship in international waters, the US government still maintains silence on the incident. Continue reading

Iraq Rocked by atleast 21 Bombs , Dozens of Shiite Pilgrims Martyred in Kazimiya

JNN 14 June 2012 Baghdad: Bombers struck at Shi’ite pilgrims come to Baghdad to commemorate the Death anniversary of their Seventh Imam Musa Al Kazim ,  across Iraq on Wednesday, killing more than 70 people in one of the bloodiest days since the last U.S. troops left the country in December. Continue reading

Future of Saudi Arabia very uncertain, Ageing Monarchy May Collapse any time

ImageJNN 14 June 2012 Riyadh : Washington is reportedly gravely concerned about a possible power struggle in Saudi Arabia due to the kingdom’s ill and aging leaders including the king, crown prince and foreign minister. Continue reading