The Ageing Saudi Monarchy’s 2nd Crown Prince Nayef , Dies within 8 months of its Predecessor

JNN 17 June 2012 Geneva :  Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Nayef, a Extremist  interior minister who played a pivotal role in crushing up the Shiite Minority and he is the Man,during whose tenure as an Interior Minister al Qaeda Nurtured , while now it looks that the same Al Qaida , is the Biggest threat to the Ale Saud’s Monarchy , US is Interested in Changing the faces in the New World , with new dictators , to keep its interest alive in the world’s top oil exporter. Nayef died on Saturday eight months after becoming heir to the throne, paving the way for a more reform-minded successor. Continue reading

32 Shiite pilgrims Martyred at end of Martydom Commemoration Ceremony of Imam Musa Al Kazim a.s

JNN 16 June 2012  BAGHDAD, — Two car bomb explosions Martyred  32 Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad as millions of them attended Saturday the Death Anniversary of the Imam Musa Al Kadzim A.S  at his shrine in the Iraqi capital amid tightened security measures. Continue reading