Another Shia Pesh Imam Martyred By the Sectarian Target Killing of SSP Terrorists

JNN 19 June 2012 Karachi : Today In the Limits of Nazimabad P.S,  the Pesh Imam (Prayer Leader ) of Masjid e Noor e Eman , Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Ameeni s/o Sheikh Mohd. Ali, 58 , was targeted & Martyred by the terrorist of Munafiqeen Group Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , on Monday Night , when he left the Mosque after Leading the Maghribain Prayers , at around 9.00p.m , Just near the lane end of the Mosque.

According to the details, as per the routine of Maulana Ghulam M. Ameeni , when he left the Mosque , after Leading the Maghribain Prayers and giving lessons to his students ,  to go to his home , the Assilant of the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who have already targeted him were awaiting him in the second lane , as he reached there they fired Multiple Bullet at him , out of which he received 6 Bullet wounds , due to which he was fatally wounded ,after the firing the Terrorist of SSP ran away , while Mr. Ameeni was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , but due to the Bullet wounds he received on his Neck and Rib Cage were fatal , so he could not survive and was declared Dead on Arrival at the Hospital.

After Medico legal formalities , His body was shifted to the Imambargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society , in the Presence of Hundred of Mourning Youth , chanting Slogans against the government , Munafiqeen , and the sectarian terrorist Organisations , Like Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan, Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah who are involved in the target Killing of Shia Men across Pakistan.

Ghulam M. Ameeni was a Religious Scholar , and was the Head of the Madersa Darul Hikmat , situated at the premises of Masjid e Noor e Eman , Nazimabad , He was associated with the teaching of Religious Studies for about 30 years , and was a Non Political figure .

He hailed from the Northern areas of Pakistan , Skardu, But since his youth he was in Karachi, and also completed his studies in Karachi. Under the guidance of his father Sh. Mohd.Ali who was also a religious Scholar , and another great Scholar , of the Yester Years Agha Sultani , who was also Martyred in Karachi by the Munafiqeen Group of SSP , about 15 years ago.

He has left Behind 4 Sons , 4 Daughter and a wife in the heirs.

God has gifted him the opportunity to  Perform a Number of Hajj’s , as he has been the Group of Leader of Karwan e Bilal for about 18 years.

His Funeral Prayers was  Performed on 19th June 2012 , at the Imambargah e Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society at 4.45p.m, in the presence of thousands of Shia Mourners, and Leaders & Notables of the Shia Community , which Includes the Names of Allama Abbas Kumaili ( JAP ) , Molana Shahenshah Hussain ( SUC ) , Mirza Yousuf Hussain ( SAC ) , Molana Jaffer Subhani ( MWM) , Advocate Tassawar Rizvi,  Molana Ali Mohd. Naqvi ( SUC ) .

His Target Killing has been deeply condemned by the Shia Religious and Political Parties & Leaders , as Ex Senator Abbas Kumaili, President of JAP , have shown total non confidence on the Government in curbing the crime and the Target Killing of Shia Men across the country . While Mr. Ali Ausat of MWM , has strongly Protested against the unstoppable target Killing of Shia Men. And further added that it looks that the Government has become hostage in the Hands of the terrorist

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