Shia Pilgrims Bus attacked by a Rocket near Quetta , 13 Martyred over 30 injured

JNN 29 June 2012 QUETTA: A blast in the Hazarganji area of Quetta targeted a bus carrying Shia pilgrims from Taftan to the provincial capital on Thursday, Express News reported. 14 people were Martyred and 30 were injured as a result of the blast.

Eyewitnesses said that the bus was carrying pilgrims from Taftan and it was targeted when it was passing near a fruit market in the Hazarganji area. Around 15-20kg explosives were used in the blast. A woman and a policeman are also among the dead.

Some eyewitnesses have also claimed that the blast was a suicide attack, officials have not confirmed this as yet.

Casualties could rise because of serious condition of the injured victims. The victims are reported to be mostly Shia Hazaras .

Initial reports also state that four policemen on the mobile were injured after the blast.

There is no confirmation on the nature of the blast as yet.

It has also been reported that the bus was destroyed as a result of the blast.

The injured were shifted to Civil hospital and Bolan Medical Complex.

Almost all the Shia Organisations and Leaders have condemned the attack , while the Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri ,General Sec of Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen , have announced a three day Official Mourning in respect for the martyred and the Injured Victims , While the Hazara Democratic Party have announced a Shutter down Strike on Friday , to be observed in Quetta and adjacent areas. The Tehrik e Jafria Pakistan have also condemned the attack and have asked the Government to take a swift action against  the detoriating Law & Order Situation of Balochistan , and especially the Shia Target Killing , which have escalated in the recent Past , as there is no Law and Order in whole of the Balochistan Province , as it looks that the Government have lost its writ , and the terrorist have the freedom to invoke all kinds of terrorist acts in the Province.

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6 thoughts on “Shia Pilgrims Bus attacked by a Rocket near Quetta , 13 Martyred over 30 injured

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