3 Shia Men Martyred within Last 48Hrs across Pakistan , by the Target Killing of SSP Terrorists

JNN 03 July 2012 Karachi : In the Broad day light On 2nd July S. Habib Haider Naqvi s/o S. Aftab Haider Naqvi , 43 was martyred in the Limits of Preedy P.S, when He was sitting on his shop In Bohri Bazar , Karachi, While on the same  day Dr. S. Ibrahim Jafri s/o Abdullah Shah , embraced Martyrdom , By the target Killing of SSP Terrorist in Nawab Shah , Sindh. And earlier on 1st July  Safdar s/o Mohd. Hassan was Martyred due to the same Munafiqeen’s group SSP’s terrorist in Gilgit .

According to the details , Habib Haider had a Aftab Burger Shop in the Bohri Bazar , Karachi, where he was sitting at the time of Incident , when 2 Terrorist of SSP , came on a Bike and Opened fire , targeting Habib , due to which he was fatally injured, and died on the spot , while the assailants sped away after the firing , unhindered , even of the fact , that it is a very busy and crowded Place.

And it shows the Incompetence of the Local Police , as the terrorist fired Multiple rounds in the Busy Market Place , even then there was no counter attack by the Police , or any other agency , to counter the attack or even to apprehend the criminals.

His body was shifted to the Fatmiyah Community Center, and His Funeral Prayers was performed at the Masjid e Shah e Khurasan , after the Zuhrain Prayers. And his burial was done at the Wadi e Hussain , Grave Yard , Super Highway , Karachi.

He was the Organiser of the Anjumane Sada e Matam , and was a dedicated lover of Ahlul bait, and this was the only crime , for which he was Martyred.

2nd Incident took Place in the Nawab Shah , where Dr. S.Ibrahim . Jafri was coming out of the PMC Hospital where the Assailants, who were waiting for the Dr. opened fire on him , and fired several rounds targeting Dr. Ibrahim , due to which he embraced Martyrdom on the spot , while the terrorist sped away , after committing the Heinous Crime. He was taken in the Hospital , but was declared dead on Arrival.

His body was shifted to his ancestral village where his funeral Prayers will be offered today, and after his burial will also be performed at his ancestral Grave Yard near his village.

And the 3rd Incident took Place in the Basen area of Gilgit – Baltistan , where the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , opened fire on 3 Shia Men , Imran , Shoaib , Safdar who were sitting at a shop, due to which all of them were critically injured , and were immediately shifted to the DHQ Hospital,  where Imran and Shoaib were recovering, and said to be out of danger  , while the third victim Safdar could not survive , and embraced martyrdom.


The target Killing of Shia Men have intensified over the Last Month across Pakistan, this shows that the US Interest in Pakistan have become more under attack , as it has been proven by the History ,that as the US and Saudi Interest comes under attack in Pakistan , the target Killing and terrorist acts against the Shia Men in special , and the same in general Increase , as now there is no doubt to any body , that the Taliban , and the terrorist groups like Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah , are working for the establishment of US rule and Interest in Pakistan , and around the World, as this is a Mercnaries force developed by the CIA and Mossad to use it to Protect their Interest any where in the world , and to defame Islam , as it is the fastest growing Religion of the World , and especially after the Last Revolution of the World , the Irani Revolution , which have proven the World that being defensive even , you can win the Hearts and Minds of the People of the World, As it the true teaching of Islam , negates the concept of being Offensive , as it was Portrayed by the Ummayad , Abbasi’s and the Rest of the So called Muslim Rulers , who used Islam for conquering the Land , and to Multiply their Personal Wealth. And it is due to these Munafiq Rulers that the Islam is called the Religion of the Sword, While Islam as it was Propogated by our Last Holy Prophet PBUH , was the Religion of Love and Peace , and Patience is the Back Bone of it .

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