Britain Gearing up to replace the Saudi Monarchy By London Based Saad Al Faqih

JNN 04 July 2012 London : The UK government has launched a behind-the-closed-doors scheme to prepare for post al-Saud regime in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to news reports. Continue reading

30 Muslims killed By Buddhist extremist in Myanmar attack

JNN 04 July 2012 Myanmar :  Police in Myanmar have arrested 30 people in connection with the vigilante killing of 10 Muslims that helped spark days of sectarian violence in Rakhine state last month in which at least 80 people were killed and tens of thousands were displaced. Continue reading

Jews Reject the Zionist idea of Capitalism in Israel and around the World , Protest against the Social Inequalities due to it

JNN 04 July 2012 Tel Aviv : Thousands of Israeli Jews have staged rallies in several cities to protest against social inequalities and the rising cost of living. Which A prominent American analyst has described capitalism and social inequalities as cancers, which are devastating western countries as well as Israel. Continue reading