A Shia Govt Official Martyred in the target Killing by LeJ Terrorist , while 6 Shia Men & Women got abducted by LEA's in Quetta

JNN 7th July 2012 QUETTA : Terrorists belonging to Lashkar e Jhangvi ambushed an official vehicle and killed a senior government official and two other employees, among which was a Shia Employe Mohd.Yasin s/o Ali Akber  , who embraced Martyrdom , in Kuchlak area, some 25 kilometres from the provincial capital , Quetta on Wednesday.

Abu Bakar Siddique,Lanat Ullah  a spokesman for the banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, called journalists from an unspecified place and claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to police, Assistant Director of Local Government in Pishin Muhammad Saeed Khan and junior official Ghulam Yasin were coming to Quetta when their car was sprayed with bullets. The two officials died on the spot while their driver Mohammad
Aslam died in hospital.

A senior police officer described the incident as targeted sectarian attack and said that one of the man killed in the attack belonged to the Shia Hazara community.

Police rushed to the area and shifted bodies and the injured to a hospital.

“Three government officials killed in the ambush were posted in Pishin eight years ago,” DIG Operations Hamid Shakeel told Dawn.

He said the assailants who were on a motorcycle escaped after the attack.

On One side the Shia Community members are mercilessly being Killed by the terrorist , on the other side , even after long time the Terrorist of Lashkar E Jhangvi , who claims even all the attorcities being done by them , but even then they are not apprehended , and if by chance they are being arrested , and then presented in the Court of Law, from where they are easily being cleared of all the charges by the competent courts , on the ground of weak evidence , and Plus the weak prosecution by the state , helps terrorist to be escorted free of all the charges against them.

Now the in test case , in which the two terrorist Belonging to Lashkar e Jhangvi , who were arrested in the target Killing of Shia  Dr. Ali Raza Peerani in 2004, in the continued Target Killing of Shia Men , who are being sentence to death by the Court , and there Capital Punishment was even Upheld , by the the Superior Judiciary , and the President both .

Justice Delayed Justice Denied :

Authorities of the Karachi central prison informed an anti-terrorism court on Wednesday that the presidency has deferred the hanging of three condemned prisoners till Sept 30.

On Tuesday, the ATC-III had reissued the black warrants for the hanging of the three condemned prisoners — Attaullah alias Qasim and Mohammad Azam alias Sharif of the banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi and Behram Khan — who were sentenced to death in two separate cases.

Behram Khan got capital punishment in 2003 for murdering a lawyer, while the LJ militants were sentenced to death in 2004 for killing a doctor.

The ATC had fixed July 17 and July 18 for their executions, respectively.

However, the jail authorities, through a letter, informed the ATC-III on Wednesday that the presidency deferred the hanging of the three convicts till Sept 30.

The appeals and mercy petitions of the convicts were dismissed by the superior judiciary and the president, respectively.

Earlier, the ATC-III had also issued black warrants for the LJ men on June 11 and fixed June 26 for their execution while a black
warrant for Behram was issued on May 10 for his hanging on May 23.

However, in both cases the presidency deferred the executions till June 30.

The LJ activists gunned down Shia Dr Ali Raza Peerani on sectarian grounds in June 2001 in Soldier Bazaar when he came out of his clinic and about to leave in his car.

Behram killed Advocate Mohammad Ashraf on April 15, 2003 in a courtroom of the Sindh High Court. The convict along with a sub-inspector actually came to kill Advocate Qurban Ali Chauhan, who was a lawyer for the accused in a murder case, but killed
Ashraf as he did not recognise Qurban.

The three convicts are among 28 condemned prisoners across the country who escaped hanging for so many months due to stay orders issued by the presidency.

State Terrorism :

In what appeared to be a worst example of state sponsored terrorism, Quetta Police have abducted three innocent Shia women and three Shia men. Police and FC officials are trying to implicate Shia men in false cases and Shia women were being sexually harassed.

Syed Jehangir, Qaisar Abbas and Mohammad Ali were kidnapped in Faisal Town Brewery Road Quetta. Later they were implicated in false cases.

Arifa Naveen, her daughter Bahisht-e-Zahra and Sidra Batool were abducted from Street No. 9, Faisal Town, Brewery Road on Thursday night.

They are detained in City Police Station Quetta and no charge has yet been framed against them, Our sources have told that the Women are even sexually assaulted in the Police Custody. Unfortunately, Quetta-based Political leaders who do issue statements of condemnation on the incidents like this , while till now they have not taken notice of these women’s abduction and torture on them in habeas corpus.

On one hand, genocide of Shia Muslims continue unabated in Quetta and no terrorist of Shia victims were arrested , while every time a heinous crime of Shia Target Killing happens , The official spokesman of Lashkar e Jhagvi , Abu Bakar  Siddique Lanat ullah , claims the responsibility of the crime , but still no arrest , or no concrete step is taken against the Terrorist Organisation or the Criminals involved in these heinous crimes , yet the Innocent  Shia men and women are being tortured by Police and the FC cops.

All the Shia Political and Religious Parties have condemned the Incident , Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen , Jafaria Alliance Pakistan  have demanded of the government and relevant higher authorities to release the innocent Shia Men & Women immediately and there names should also be cleared from all the fabricated cases .While at the same time Official Inquiry and stern action should be initiated against the police and FC Personnel  involved in their abduction and torture.


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