6 Shia Men Martyred , 4 Slaughtered , 2 Martyred by Firing of LeJ’s Terrorist in Quetta & Sargodha

Shaheed Haseeb Ahmed so Ali Abbas , Allama Noor Ali Quetta

JNN 13 July 2012  Karachi : The Inept Government of Pakistan Once again failed miserably as 4 Shia Men were slaughtered by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , 2 in Quetta and 2 in Sargodha, and 2 Men Martyred by the target Killing of Lashkar e Jhangvi Terrorist in the Provincial Capital , Quetta with in Last 48 Hrs.

S.Haseeb Ahmed Zaidi  s/o S.Ali Abbas Zaidi , 25 , and Molana Noor Ali , Pesh Imam of Satellite Town Imam Bargah were slaughtered and their Bodies were dumped by the Tehrik e Taliban Terrorist  , in the Mountainous region of Nau Kundi , near , Quetta.

While 2 Brothers who have  Recently converted to Shia Islam  , Ahmed Yaar and Qasim Ali were slaughtered , in Sargodha’s District , village Lalo Ali, Near Bhagat Post.

Rehmat Ali s/o Juma Ali embraced Martyrdom due to the target Killing of Lashkar e Jhangvi terrorist on the Kerani Road, in the Quetta City.

Abdul Rasheed Babur embraced Martyrdom , due to the target Killing of Tehrik e Taliban Terrorist in the Mastung Area Near Quetta .

According to the details by our correspondent , Haseeb Ahmed and the Molana Noor Ali were abducted from Sirki Road and Satellite Town areas , respectively, about 20 days ago , from the Quetta City, after which an FIR , was lodged against the  Missing Persons.

But After some time the Kidnappers contacted the family Members of the abductees and demanded heavy Ransom , for their release , which was negotiated by the family members of both the abductees , as both belong to Middle class families , and could not arrange to pay the demanded Huge amount at a short Notice , But after successful negotiations , the amount of Rs. 25 Lakh per person was accepted by the Kidnappers , and then it was decided that the Kidnapped persons will be released after the Payment of Ransom Money.

The Family Members of both the abductees  reported all the developments  , to the Law enforcement agencies, but they could not succeeded in recovering the abductees , finally the ransom amount was arranged by the family members of both the abductees , and as instructed by the Kidnappers , it was Paid to the Kidnappers. After the receipt of the Ransom Money the Kidnappers , delayed the Release of Both the abductees , and finally after a week the Kidnappers , Slaughtered both the victims , and dumped their bodies in the Moutainous Area of Nau Kundi , near Quetta .

After which the spokesman of LeJ , Abu Bakar lanat ullah , called the News agency , and claimed the responsibility of the Slaughtering of both the abductees , and also informed that the Bodies of both the martyred , have been dumped in the Nau kundi area , Near Quetta.

The Funeral and Burial of Molana Noor Ali , was done in Kand Kot , Sindh, in the presence of Hundred of his Friends and Community Members  , while the Body of S. Haseeb Ahmed was brought to Karachi for his funeral and Burial on 12th July 2012 , and his funeral Prayer was offered at Imam Bargah e Shuhuda e Karbala , Sadaat Society ,F.B.Area ,  at 6.45p.m , and after the funeral Prayer , his body was taken to the Wadi e Hussain , for his Burial.

Haseeb was a Dedicated Shia Muslim , and was a Pious Young Man, He had a soft corner for all the Martyr , and had Personally took part in the funeral , and had performed the Ghusal of Number of the Martyrs of Quetta .

Haseeb has completed his Master’s in Commerce Degree , and was in search of a reasonable Job for him.

Haseeb Ahmed was a brave Young Man , and as Posted on his Social Website Page, he Prayed for his Martyrdom, and finally his Prayers were honored , As he wanted to fight the injustices of the Evil forces , working against Islam.

Lashkar e Jhangvi’s Official Spokes Man , Abu Bakar Lanat ullah have called the different News agency , and have also claimed the responsibility of slaughtering of Both the Shia Men , Haseeb Ahmed & Molana Noor Ali .

While in the second Incident of Slaughtering of Shia Men , The two real Brothers Ahmed Yaaar and Qasim Ali , who have embraced Shia Islam , about  some time back , who were Mercilessly slaughtered by the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , in the area of village Lalo ali ,  Kot Momin , District Sargodha .

The Two Brothers had Converted to Shia Islam with the depth of their heart , and their dedication and devotion can also be gauged that they even also arranged a Majlis at their residence on 2nd July , 2012 , which was heavily opposed by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , and due to this fact that , they have chosen the right Path of Islam , and have closed their doors to the way of Munafiqeen , therefore the Munafiqeen’s group of Terrorist , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who even resisted , as the two brothers wanted to Pray  a Night earlier , but they stead fastly , remain on the Chosen Right path , so they were slaughtered , Just due to the fact , that they have chosen the righteous path of Shia Islam.

A Terrorist Named Ejaz , the resident of the same village have even confessed of his Henious crime , of slaughtering both the Brothers , and have also surrendered himself in the Police Staion of the same area, and in his confessional statement , he have even admitted that he slaughtered both the brothers , as they have embraced the True Reiligion of Shia Islam.

In the third such Incident of Terrorism , Rehmat Ali s/o Juma Ali , embraced Martyrdom ,when he was intercepted on the Kirani Road ,Quetta, as they started firing on him , due to which he was critically injured , as the Bullet wounds , were mostly on the face and Chest  , so he could not survive and was Pronounced Dead on the spot , after which he was shifted to the Balochistan Medical Complex.

And in the Last But not the least such Incident , Abdul Rasheed Babar , was targeted in the Mastung area , near Quetta, when he left his home in the Morning to reach the school he was fired Multiple rounds from a close range , due to which he was fatally injured , and could not survive , embraced Martyrdom on the spot.

His funeral was held in the Shahdad Kot , as he was also the chief Vocalist in the Matami Anjuman of the  Old Imambargah “ Darbar e Mustafa ”of Shahdad Kot .

He was working as a Government School Teacher in the Mastung Area , Near Quetta .


This is a High Point where the Establishment of Pakistan should have to consider, as they are the one who are being bred to Provide Security to the Physical and Theological Borders of Pakistan , if they have made a mistake in the Past , they should correct it now , and should not allow the disintegration of Pakistan , as what these trained Mercenaries and their US and Saudi Masters are trying to do .

As on One Side the Ale Saud wants help from Pakistani Establishment, when they feel that now the US agenda is to Discard them, and replace them with some other stooges, so they can renew their presence in the region for a longer term, as now the US have sensed that, with the revolutionary forces working against the Monarchy’s Injustices, and as even the Muslim World have even aware of the Double Standards of the Ale Saud. At that time they send their emissaries to Pakistan, to get the backing of Pakistani Establishment, as if such a coupe occurs with the Ale Saud , Pakistani Military Establishment should give them a cover and backing .

And on the other Hand Ale Saud are financing the terrorist Wahabi Organizations to create Mayhem chaos and to finally disintegrate Pakistan.

It is the High time when the Pakistani Establishment should choose the right Patriotic Shia Citizens , who are still ready to fight any obstacle , against the Disintegration of Pakistan. Who have always guarded the Physical Border and the Ideological Borders of Pakistan.  From Parachinar to Gilgit Baltistan , And they have never been a Part of the Conspiracies against Pakistan .

If No Solution is given to the Shia Youth of Pakistan, then there is a Big thunder in the Offing. As the Majority of Shia Youth have accepted Mentally Martyrdom Under the Present Scenario , and they feel that they are being left alone , in their Homeland , with even the Military Establishment , which was a Part of it , and which intiated the Process of Talibanization , is not to guard them , as even they are not capable of guarding themselves , after the events of,  Attack on GHQ, Mehran Base attack , and several other attacks by the terrorist ,who have openly challenged the writ of the Armed Forces and have achieved their goals of terrorizing the masses ,and inflicting heavy losses to the Military and other LEA’s in shape of Life and Property. Just because of some traitors who are sitting within the ranks of the Top Brass .

The Only solution with the establishment as for now is to give confidence to the Shia Youth ,  who are Patriotic till the core of their heart , and let them stand should to shoulder with the establishment , who will not have second thoughts in the elimination of the evil forces , which are the common enemy of Pakistan  and the Shia Community , as it will not be only a war on the borders and in the lanes of the country , but it will be theological war , which has to counter the Talibanization , which it self is now a sign of betrayal and Hired Mercenaries

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