Shia Trader and Young Man Martyred By the Target Killing of SSP Terrorist

JNN 19 July 2012 Karachi : Another Shia Trader Yawar Mehdi Poonawala s/o Hussain Ali , 45 was Martyred in the Ongoing Shia  target Killing , in the Limits of Nazimabad P.S, by the terrorist wing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar e Jhangvi, on the Morning of 19th July , 2012 . while another Young Man Syed Abuturab Haider s/o Syed Sajjad Haider , 25 , was abducted by members of the banned terrorist organization Sipah-e-Sahaba  from Jaffar-e-Tayyar on 13th July while his body was found in the Morning in the Limits of Malir District , showing signs of brutal torture.

According to the details by our correspondent ,Yawar Mehdi left his Nazimabad Residence  , around 9.30a.m from where as he reached the Goal Market , and slowed down his bike at a speed Breaker , the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba, who were actually , following him attacked him ,as he was wearing a Helmet on his bike , but even then the Terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , have targeted and Identified him ,  and thus fired about seven shots , which hit him mainly on his neck , and rib cage , injuring him fatally , after firing the assailants , sped away on their bike , unhindered .

His body was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, from where after Legal formalities it was shifted to the Fatimiyah Community Center , ( Ghusal Khanna ) , near Shah e Khorasan.

The Funeral prayer was offered outside Shah e Khurasan at around 6.15p.m on the same day, Led by the Molana Ali Mohd . Naqvi, after which the body was taken to the Hussaini Bagh , Grave Yard in Mewa Shah , Grave Yard .

Yawar was a Trader By Profession , and he was involved in the supplies of Garment Accessories to the Export factories.

He left 4 children and wife in the heirs.

He was also the Member of Anjuman e Karwan e Hussaini , and was a dedicated Shia, and have not been a member of any Political or Religious party . And due to his Patience and very Loving Nature , He did not have any Personal Enmity , and his Target Killing is Purely on Sectarian Basis .

In the second such case of Shia Target Killing , S. Abu Turab Haider’s Brutally Tortured Body was recovered from the Malir District , which shows clear sign of Torture , and he Martyred by firing , after Torture, as he had Bullet wounds also on his body, He was abducted a day earlier , and his abduction was purely on sectarian grounds , as he was not associated with any Political Party , while the Local Media and the LEA’s , in their disinformation against Shia Target Killing , declared the Killing as of Personal Nature , and has accused that the victim was a Drug Addict.

Analysis :

The Total failure of the Present Government in curbing the Menace of Shia Target Killing , will definitely reflect the signs in the coming election, but the incompetence of the Establishment in securing the sovereignty of the Physical Borders and Ideological borders of Pakistan is very dangerous , as the infiltration of the terrorist from the Porous borders of Tribal borders  could not be checked , which is the basic cause of the Terrorism and Killing in Pakistan .

While the Establishment is still trying to back the Taliban , and trying to grade them as Good , Bad and the Worst , but there is no work done to change their Ideology , which is the root cause of terrorism and Sectarian Killing , as the Taliban was created on the Mythology of Hatred and Killing all the People who doesn’t  go along their Mythology , and declaring every person who doesn’t comply with their belief as  Infidels .

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