The Shortest and the Longest Ramzan Fasting timing around the World

JNN 22 July 2012 Murmansk : Some Northern Russian Muslims will starts and Breaks Fast in the Sunlight this Ramzan.Agentina Muslim fasting for nine hours and is the shortest fasting times this year. The Danish Muslims must fast for 21 hours and is the longest time of fasting for Ramadan this year.

Fars News reports Akhbar al-Khaleej newspaper published by Bahrain, Denmark Muslim month of Ramadan this year had the heaviest than Muslims in other countries, given their need to fast for 21 hours.

Unlike in Denmark, Argentina Muslims fast for this year with the shortest time that is only nine hours.

As in northern Russia, precisely in the city of Murmansk, daylight lasts for 24 hours straight, without those watching tonight. Therefore, the citizens of Murmansk is located in the Artic region, and break their dawn when the sun is still grinning.

According to the Local Muslims of the Area in Summers the Sun Shines 24 Hours , while in the Winters the Daylight squeezes to only two hours .

As the Ramzan fasting timing in Winters is limited to only 2 hours , as it is out of the Polar Circle , therefore here in Summers for two months , from 22nd May to 22nd July , the Sun Shines for 24 hours of the day, while after 22nd July this part of the World also starts hiding from the Sun , by the Rotation of the World , and the 2 Months of Winter , i.e, December and January the Nights elongates to 22 to 23 hours

And it is becomes of this Phenomenon of 24hours of Sunlight , the Russian white Nights are famous around the World.

And the same is also the scenario for some parts of the  Norwegian Countries , like Sweden , Norway and Finland.

Time of fasting for Muslims in the city of Murmansk is set by the clergy, and their fasting time for this year is set for 20 hours.

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