Several Shia Protesters Injured by Saudi Forces shootout in Brutal crackdown in Qatif

JNN 29 July 2012 Riyadh : Saudi security forces opened fire on Shia protesters in the tense Qatif district of Eastern Province on Friday, wounding several as hundreds marched to demand the release of detainees, witnesses said. Continue reading

US military developing High Power surveillance drones look alike Flying insect


JNN 29 July 2012 Virginia : Reports indicate the US military has poured huge sums of money into surveillance drone miniaturization and is developing micro aircraft which now come in a swarm of bug-sized flying spies. Continue reading

Russia re claiming its Might, reopens its naval bases in Soviet-era ally countries, firm on Backing Bashar Al Asad’s Syrian Govt.

JNN 29 July 2012 Moscow : Russia is planning to expand its military muscles in some of Moscow’s soviet-era ally countries including the Latin American country of Cuba, Asian country of Vietnam and the Indian Ocean island of Seychelles. Plus The Russian Foreign Ministry says Moscow will not allow the European Union to inspect ships sailing under the Russian flag, and that it will not cooperate with a new round of EU sanctions imposed against Syria. Continue reading

50 killed in violence between Hindus and Muslims in Assam, India

 JNN 29 July 2012 BIJNI, India : The death toll from ethnic unrest in India’s northeast State of Assam rose to 50 on Saturday while at least 400,000 languished in relief camps as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited the conflict-hit area. Continue reading

Murderer of 3 British Muslim Men acquitted by the British Royal Court , family Member in shock over Injustice

JNN 29 July 2012 London : Birmingham Crown Court has acquitted eight men who were allegedly involved in the killing of three British Muslims , who had roots from Pakistan , during the country’s unprecedented unrest last year. Continue reading