Murderer of 3 British Muslim Men acquitted by the British Royal Court , family Member in shock over Injustice

JNN 29 July 2012 London : Birmingham Crown Court has acquitted eight men who were allegedly involved in the killing of three British Muslims , who had roots from Pakistan , during the country’s unprecedented unrest last year.

Haroon Jahan and brothers Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir were killed during last year’s unrest after they were hit by a car in Winson Green, Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city.

The three Muslim men were protecting public property and local businesses against the looters when they were killed. Tariq Jahan, Haroon’s father, won national praise after he brought calm in the community and called for peace.

“The law and the justice system has let us down. Our community stood against looters but we are not being treated as equals. Our sense of disappointment over this verdict cannot be stated in words. We needed justice desperately and we were promised that but we cannot trust the criminal justice system anymore”, said Haroon’s father.

Hundreds of Muslims in Birmingham gathered outside a police headquarters and called for a review of the criminal trial that saw eight men acquitted of murdering the three Muslims.

“We’re not giving up this fight for the boys. I believe that we will get some sort of justice. We’re going to fight but we’re going to fight the legal way, I don’t want anybody to do anything silly or naïve”, added Haroon’s father.

Tariq Jahan, father of Haroon Jahan who died after being hit by a car as he tried to protect shops in Winson Green, Birmingham, from looters last August, speaks at a press conference on Thursday.

Tariq Jahan, whose son was one of three men killed by a car during last summer’s riots in Birmingham, has said that lawyers have been instructed to review last week’s trial, at which eight men were cleared of murder.

Addressing a press conference at a Winson Green community centre, Jahan spoke of his disappointment that no one had been held responsible for the deaths.

He said: “To our utter shock and despair, on Thursday 19 July the jury acquitted all eight men. This is no answer for us. It simply means that no one has been held accountable for what happened … Our grieving continues.”

The Families of Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali and Abdul Musavir have said that they are “no longer able to trust the criminal justice system,” after eight men were cleared of murdering the three friends hit by a car during last year’s riots in Birmingham.

This is the Bias of the British Royal Media and Courts that if any Man is arrested , and found to have roots from Pakistan , then Pakistan and Islam , both are maligned , while now the Persons who were responsible for the Murder of 3 Muslim Men , Who were Born British Citizens , but have roots from Pakistan , have been  killed by the Hooligan British Non Muslim Extremist , now the Media is Silent for their Criminal Act , while the Society is so much so biased , that even after being caught , on the Public Pressure at that time , but now they have been acquitted by the Crown Court of Britian , from the Crime they have committed .

One thought on “Murderer of 3 British Muslim Men acquitted by the British Royal Court , family Member in shock over Injustice

  1. Did you ever expected justice from these White Bastards and the Pakistanis will never care to protest ,what when they themselves are killing every day their own compatriots who are muslims too . Wahabi- Salafi rule the Government of this failed estate

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