2 Shia Men Martyred , while 1 Abducted by the Munafiqeen Group commonly known as LeJ

JNN 29 July 2012 Quetta :  A shopkeeper Haji Noor Ali s/o Hussain Ali , belonging to the Shia Hazara community was Martyred  here on Saturday, police sources said. While in another Incident son of a tribal leader Qadir Bux s/o Haji Mithal Khan Umrani was killed and his associate injured in Usta Mohammad town of Jaffarabad district. And in the third Incident Farman Ali was abducted from the Hazaar Gunji area of Quetta .

Unidentified attackers on a motorbike stopped at a veterinary medical store on the intersection of Kawari and Gordit Singh roads and opened fire on Haji Noor Ali, the shop-owner.

Noor Ali received multiple injuries and died on way to hospital.

The assailants fled. Police launched a search operation after cordoning off the area.

Noor Ali had been running his business in the area for several years.

Police described the incident as an act of targeted killing.

The body was handed over to relatives after autopsy.

The Hazara Democratic Party and Tehrik Nifaz Fiqah Jafria in separate statements expressed concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan.

They said targeted killings had created a sense of insecu-rity and panic among the general public and badly affected the trade and business activities in Quetta.

Police registered a case and started investigation into the incident.

While in another case of terrorism a Shia Man Farman Ali has been abducted from the Hazar Gunji area , near the Bus Stop, as the Bus had some technical faults , and due to which all the Passengers were Off loaded from the Bus , at that time , the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi came and Kidnapped him by force, as he was returning back from Iran.

In Jafarabad, the son of a tribal leader was killed and his associate injured in Usta Mohammad town of Jaffarabad district.

Police said gunmen on a motorbike sprayed a volley of bullets on Mir Abdul Qadir and his companion Akbar Shah when they were passing through the Aliabad road.

Qadir died on the spot and Shah was injured.Police took the body and the injured to hospital.

The body of Qadir, son of Haji Mithal Khan Umrani, was handed over to the heirs after post-mortem.

Haji Mithal Khan is a Prominent Shia Leader , and well known Personality of the Area.

Balochistan Minister for Excise and Taxation Mir Amin Umrani condemned the murder of Mir Qadir.

3 thoughts on “2 Shia Men Martyred , while 1 Abducted by the Munafiqeen Group commonly known as LeJ

  1. We are proud of our sacrifice,Martyr Haji Noor Ali.Martyr belonged to Qazalbash tribe not hazara,all fake statements launched by police and sources.Govt is responsible and is on alliance with yazedi groups

    • We highly Honour the sacrifice of Haji Noor Ali , And as all Momins are United under the flag of Hazrat Abbas , so all sacrifices are equally valuable , whether from Qazalbash or Hazara tribe.
      And we also honour your contribution in Passing on the correction of the News , of his Tribal Identity.
      Jafria News Team

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