Pak GHQ Setting its new course , Brigadier and 4 Officers convicted on links with Banned Outfit


JNN 05 Aug 2012 RAWALPINDI: The court martial proceedings of Brigadier Ali Khan, Major Inayat Aziz, Major Iftikhar, Major Sohail Akbar and Major Jawad Baseer, who were facing charges of having links with a banned outfit, were completed on Friday. All four accused have been convicted in the case, ISPR statement said.

The Field General Court Marshal (FGCM) has awarded a sentence of five years Rigorous Imprisonment (RI) to Brigadier Ali Khan.

Major Sohail Akbar was awarded three years RI while Major Jawad Baseer was sentenced to two years RI, whereas Major Inayat Aziz and Major Iftikhar have been awarded one year six months RI each.

All four convicts posses the right to appeal against their conviction before the Army court of appeals according to Pakistan Army Act, ISPR statement added.

It is the first time that senior army officers have been convicted and jailed over associations with banned organizations in the country on the frontline of the US-led war on al Qaeda and fighting its own Taliban insurgency.

The army did not name the organization in a statement announcing the sentences, but officials have in the past identified it as Hizb ul-Tahrir.

Khan was detained days after US Navy SEALs found and killed Osama bin Laden in the military town of Abbottabad on May 2, 2011, reviving disturbing questions about ignorance or complicity within Pakistan’s powerful military.

Brigadier Khan was also accused of being involved in a conspiring to topple the government, trying to instigate a mutiny within the army and planning an attack on the GHQ.

The court martial’s proceedings against Ali started last year in December.

Khan was arrested a year ago and faced charges of conspiring with four other officers and a British member of the Hizb ul Tahrir to recruit officers to the group including the commander of the army’s 111 Brigade, which covers the capital and has been historically linked to army coups.

During the seven-month long proceedings, five military officers recorded their testimonies from prosecutor’s side.

The officers had claimed that the accused, Ali, provoked them for mutiny against the civil leadership.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is not banned in Britain, but has been outlawed in Pakistan and lies on the fringes of Western concerns about links between the military and terror groups.

According to its website, it aims to resume the Islamic way of life by establishing an Islamic state that executes the systems of Islam and carries its call to the world.

Since bin Laden was killed, Pakistan has been under increasing pressure from the United States to crack down on militant sanctuaries in its northwestern border areas with Afghanistan and cut all ties with extremist networks.

It is a first step of its kind conviction , that on record confirms the links of the Pakistani army High ranking Officers , having links with the Banned terrorist Organization.

As it was the Deceased Zia ul Haq , which infested the Army with links with Terrorist Outfits , in the name of Holy War against USSR , which was actually for the Hegemony of US , to become the Unilateral Super Power of the World . And the Mission was well accomplished with the help of the Pakisatani Army , training Militants fighting against the russain army , but after the success US , went away with its victorious posture , leaving behind the Millitants , which only knew to kill for success .

But as the One of the Other partner , in this war was Saudi Arabia , which also wanted to become the Leader of the Islamic World , as after the Down fall of Shah of Iran , the top Slot of the Islamic World was left unclaimed , so in this regard Saudi Arabia which was also financing the Holy war against Russia , to help its old friends , the Zionist Lobby led by US and the West , which was already afraid of the Might of Iranian Nation , was much disturbed by the sweeping Revolution led by the Great Leader of the Muslim Ummah , Roohullah Imam Khomeni , injected the Sectarianism in this extremism , and thus Taliban were formed , which were nurtured with the Mythology of Hate , Terrorism , Sectarianism , and to Kill for Power.

As Zia ul Haq was himself the Army Dictator , and who had no Public support in the masses and as he never wanted to leave the Power seat , which have made him the most Powerful Man of the world , Used Pakistani Establishment in all the angles , and in return it was also heavily infested by the same Mythology of Talibanisation, as they were the ones to give lessons , to the Young Talibans to work for them , and as the finance was coming from Saudi Arabia , so to lure them and keep the financers happy , The complete attire of the Pakistani Establishment was talking the language of Saudi Mythology , as till now it can be seen , by listening to the sermons given by the Retired Gen. Hameed Gul , who was the DG of  ISI at that time .

But this Weaponisation of the Nation, in the Name of Talibanisation for the superemacy of the Islamisation , Badly rebounded , and in return as the US went away and the finances dried up , and the only financier Saudi Arabia tried to use the Talibans for its Supermacy , the whole of the Nation was thrown in to the Hell of Sectarianism , in the name of Talibanisation , and these Mercenaries out for hire , give rise to Killing Spree in the Country upto the level , that the streets of Karachi till Parachinar , and Quetta till Gilgit Baltistan gave an image of the Killing fields , worst than the Vietnam .

As Zia ul Haq was assassinated in a Plane Crash , with the Top Army Brass , But after him the top Army Brass , decided not to Rule the Throne Directly , And successive Democratic Government were given chance , but No much change was Noticed as the Country was heavily infested with the Talibanisation , after the 11 years Dictatorial Rule of Zia ul Haq complete Nation was in the clutches of the Taliban infestation ,and non of the later governments , changed the course , or wanted to change the course , due to which the country , was badly effected , upto such a level that , the Taliban in Pakistan , started to give it a consideration that they are the legitimate rulers of Pakistan , and this thought which was given a boost , by long time enemies of Pakistan , whether it was RAW, MOSSAD , or KGB, above all CIA , went to buy again these Mercenaries , to implement their nefarious designs of Disintegration of Pakistan.

And at this Point , Pakistani Establishment have come under the command of Former President of Pakistan , General Pervez Musharraf , who with his New Command and Control Leadership, Visualized the Situation , and set a new course for the future , and the most Corrupt Group of Taliban , Namely as Therik e Taliban Pakistan , was first time , confronted at the Lal Masjid in Islamabad , when they were gearing up for their Most Nefarious Design of to Siege Islamabad , Capital of Pakistan.

But his Iron fist worked out well , and the Monster was nip in the Bud, But as this Monster had the Blessing of some extremist elements in the Establishment , and the Political set up of Pakistan as well , so it did re emerge in Swat , and it took control of Swat , and challenged the writ of the Government , with all it Power and Might, but till then some seniors have already smelled that loosing Pakistan is No Option for them , as they will be first one to be Hanged , as it has been proven by history of Mir Jafer and Mir Sadiq.

So Since Pervez Musharaf , the Top Brass has been trying to set a new course, and till now they have reached upto a limit , that they are trying to to distinguish between , GOOD , THE BAD, and THE UGLY.

The Recent conviction even looks a part of the same set of course , but till now they have nt been able to clearly speak out , against the Extremist , Terrorist Organisation, which have confronted even the establishment , as they have openly attacked the GHQ ,Rawalpindi, Mehran Base , Karachi. And on several other events and targets.

It is now high time that the Establishment of Pakistan , should set its clear course , to lead the country out of the Talibanisation Mess, As the time has now proved that these Taliban Mythology is not just sectarianism , and their sole targets are not only the Shia Community members , but every Loyal Pakistani is on their target Killing List . And if this Saudi mythology of Sectarianism is not been crushed , then there is no way Pakistan can be saved .

Long live Pakistan , The Fort of Islam , Pakistan .



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