Youm e Ali Processions taken out around Pakistan ended safely, except Minor Incident of Rangers High Headedness in Karachi

On 21st Ramzan , Muslims around the world , especially the Shia sect observed the Youm e Ali , the Shahdat Anniversary of Hazrat Ali a.s , the First Imam of the Jafria Sect of Islam, As he was Fatally wounded by the Poisonous sword of Abdul Rehman ibn e Muljim L.A ,  in the Mosque of Kufa , while he was offering the Fajr (Morning) Prayers , after which he went under critical Medical care , but as the wound was fatal , so he could not survive , and He embraced Martyrdom on the 21st of Ramazan , Leaving behind all the faithful of Islam in deep Mourning , and since his Martyrdom , till this day , His Martydom Anniversary is commemorated with full religious fervor , and enthusiasm by all the Muslims , and especially the Jafria Sect of Islam. Continue reading