2 Shia Men Martyred 18 injured by a Roadside Bomb , targeted by LeJ to Subvert Al Quds Rally in Karachi

JNN 18 Aug 2012 KARACHI: A day after a horrific massacre of 19 Shias in Mansehra , a bus carrying young Shia men was targeted by a bomb in Karachi. At least two people were Martyred and 12 others injured when a bomb exploded near Safari Park on the city’s busy University Road on Friday.  Continue reading

Another Shia Massacre 20 Shia Men pulled off buses enroute Gilgit, identified , shot Martyred By LeJ Terrorist

JNN 20 Aug 2012 Mansehra : Over a dozen gunmen forced 19 Shia passengers off four buses and shot them at point blank range in the Mansehra district on Thursday, breaking the fragile peace in the region and marking the third such incident in six months. Continue reading