4 Shia Men Martyred ,Shia Genocide Continues while Media , Government & Establishment of Pakistan enjoys deep sleep

JNN 18 Aug 2012 Karachi : The Close friend and associate of the faithful Shia Activist  Sajid Moosvi , Abbas Haider s/o Aqil Raza was also targeted in the same style and was Martyred , by firing . While in another incident Three Shia Men were Martyred in Target Killing on Arbab Karam Khan Road in Quetta on Thursday.

According to the details , Abbas Haider was also Killed in the same pattern , and in the same area of Rizvia Society , where the faithful Sajid Moosvi was Martyred.

Martyr Abbas was also targeted , and was executed in the same pattern , as the assailant came , and fired a single Bullet at point blank range , pointing his temple , and sped away , and due to which he was fatally injured , he was also rushed to the Hospital , where he was taken to the ICU , and was given full , medical treatment , and was even kept on a ventilator , but all the efforts could not put him back to life , as after about 6 – 8 hours , his brain was declared dead , and then as he was switched off from the vent , he also embraced Martydom.

While in Quetta According to details the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban opened fire near a flour mill in the area, targeting Three shia Men, who were later shifted to a local hospital, while rescue officers have been called in.

The three Martyred were Namely are Abdul Ali s/o Mohd. Saleem 27, Khadim Hussain s/o Mohd.Sadiq, 25 , Mohd s/o Najaf Ali

While Abdul Ali was the resident of Alamdar Road , while Khadim was the Resident of Hazara Town.

Analysis :

The responsibility of Genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan is not only on the Government , but on the Media also , which has self proclaimed it as a sectarian Killing , and hush it up under the carpet , each time it happens , and if ever they even mention such an event then , it is said to be terrorism against the Human Beings  , while it is quite obvious and now clear that Shia Muslim Community is singled out and being targeted , and every body knows even that Saudi and its allied GCC Countries are sponsoring such terrorists , to dominate the region and infest Islam the Religion of Peace and tranquility with Terrorism and Injustice, as their elders have done in the name of Islam.

Shia Muslims, Pakistan’s most target killed faith group? More than 19,000 Shia Muslims have been killed by ASWJ- SSP-LeJ-Taliban terrorists in the last few decades which may be easily described as a slow motion genocide. Here we have a President who writes letters to a foreign country expressing his concern over Rohingya Muslims but refuses to acknowledge identity and suffering of Shia Muslims!

There are some people who say that we should mourn all humans and not mention anyone’s faith or sect , in the name of curtailing sectarianism , But at the same time ,  Many of such hypocrites who refuse to condemn Shia genocide in clear terms then go on to condemn murder and persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma etc. Clear identification of faith identity of a persecuted group, Genocide of Muslims in Asssam by the Hindu Militants , particularly when faith identity is the single major or only reason of their murder, is not only preferable but also a moral and political duty. We cannot hide Jewish Holocaust by saying all humans are equal. It is important to clearly acknowledge and condemn the fact that Jews were killed due to their faith. Case of Shia genocide (19,000 have been killed so far) in Pakistan is not much different.

In view of such biased attitude of the Media , which is now the strongest Pillar of the state now a days , Shia Community is in the Process of developing its own Media , to let the people be aware of the facts  and figures , and the true picture of gruesome scenario being developed .

But basic responsibility of this genocide is still on the Government and the Establishment of Pakistan , who is inconsiderate towards it , and for their personal benefits , they have gone to the limits ,that they have even risked the existence of Pakistan , And we never know when the Shia community will start thinking to defending themselves , and will start to develop their own government , and which will be totally in self defense and nothing offensive against Pakistan.

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