Ale Saud were Paid British Agents , at the time of Establishment of Monarchy

JNN 26 Aug 2012 : A senior Saudi prince, Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, has revealed that his father was paid a monthly salary from Britain during the time of establishing Al Saud kingdom. Continue reading

Immigrants Protest against the Police sweeps and Racist Attacks in Athens


JNN 25 Aug 2012 Athens : Thousands of immigrants marched in Athens on Friday to protest police sweeps and a rash of racist attacks in Greece as the country struggles to pull itself out of a huge debt crisis, Reuters reported.  Continue reading

An International Conspiracy of Shia Target Killing ,3 more Shia Man Martyred in the recent Target Killing by SSP , LeJ Terrorist in Karachi.

JNN 25 Aug 2012 KARACHI : A Shia traffic police constable , A Shia hair Dressed and another shia  man were Martyred  in separate incidents of firing in different areas of the city on Saturday which is a  part of the recent upsurge in the wave of Shia Target killings , which have that also sparked tension in one of the neighbourhoods, police and a religious party said Continue reading