An International Conspiracy of Shia Target Killing ,3 more Shia Man Martyred in the recent Target Killing by SSP , LeJ Terrorist in Karachi.

JNN 25 Aug 2012 KARACHI : A Shia traffic police constable , A Shia hair Dressed and another shia  man were Martyred  in separate incidents of firing in different areas of the city on Saturday which is a  part of the recent upsurge in the wave of Shia Target killings , which have that also sparked tension in one of the neighbourhoods, police and a religious party said

The police even admitted that the motive for all these killings was sectarian.

In the first incident Lashkar e Jhangvi Terrorists targeted a traffic police ASI  in Baldia Town early in the morning when he was riding a motorcycle to work.

The area police said 48-yearold Gohar Abbas s/o Ibrahim  was hit by three bullets and badly wounded.
`He was riding to work when intercepted by two men on a motorbike at Baldia No 5,` said Inspector Zafar Iqbal, the SHO of the Baldia Town police station. `The attackers used a 9mm-bore pistol and sped away after firing at home. The wounded constable was shifted to the Civil Hospital Karachi, where he died after two hours during treatment.

He said the victim was posted at the Preedy police station and originally hailed from Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The father of three, he had been in the Sindh police for the past more than two decades, he added.

His younger brother, who was associated with a ISO , was also killed in the same way a few years ago.We don`t think there was any reason other than sectarian behind this attack,` he added.

As the police in Baldia Town remained unable to trace the suspects behind the killing,The Terrorist of the Sipah e Sahaba again spotted and struck a young Shia man in Rizvia Society at about 4.30p.m.

The victim Syed Faraz Hussain s/o Fareed Hussain , 32 was at a mechanic`s shop near his home in Gulbahar , 400 Quarters ,  where two men on a motorbike both wearing helmets emerged,` said an official at the Rizvia police station.

One of the riders got off the motorbike and fired about 8 round targeting  Faraz before riding away with his aide. The victim, hit by 8 bullets, embraced Martyrdom on the spot.

Faraz was the father of an infant girl and employed as a Purchase Officer with an industrial unit in the Bin Qasim area.

It should be noted that the Father of the Victim Fareed Hussain is a Sunni Convert before the birth of Faraz ,and a true lover of Ahlul bait and have always practiced and Preached his family and friends about the teaching of Ahlul Bait .

The firing & Killing sowed fear in the densely-populated locality , due to which the traders  pull down their shutters and only thin traffic was observed on the main roads.

The body of the Victim was brought to the Imambargah Rizvia Society , where his funeral Prayers was offered after the Maghribain Prayers , which was attended by a large Number of Shia community members especially the Youth of the locality . Maulana Mirza Yousuf Hussain was also present at the Funeral Prayers, after which his body was taken for the Burial at the Wadi e Hussain , Grave Yard.

The fresh episodes of killing on sectarian grounds further heightened the sense of insecurity among the Karachites, and especially the Shia Community members , who are Pushed against the wall , and are forced to raise armed struggle  in the absence of the security ,which has to be provided by the LEA’s of Pakistan, from Baltistan to Quetta , and Parachinar to Karachi,  against the evil forces , who are mercilessly engaged in the Killing of the Shia Community Members .

A spokesman for the Majlisi-Wahdat-i-Muslimeen said the victim was a member of the organisation`s working committee and was killed only for that reason.

This is sheer brutality, the spokesman quoted the party`s Karachi chief Syed Muhammad Mehdi as saying. `We strongly condemn the killings and continuing violence against the particular community.

The government and the security administration must move immediately and fast to maintain sectarian harmony

The recent past showed an Alarming trend of Shia Target Killing in the Gulbahar and adjoining areas , As it has also been noticed  that a large Number of Sipah e Sahaba terrorist are present in this area ,  while only in about a week , Faraz is the third victim of Shia Target Killing , while there are no significant arrest and Investigation , have been reported by the area Police despite the continued trend in Shia Target Killing .

Three Shia Men were killed in different areas of the city on Saturday, police said.

In the third Incident Three unidentified men on a motorbike came to a hairdresser`s shop in Bheempura area and one of them Martyred Shahzad Ali  s/o Zafar Iqbal , 22 , the proprietor .
The body was taken to the Civil Hospital.

Ali was a resident of Shershah area and said to be a member of the Safina Najaf another sister concern association of AnjumanShabab-ul-Momineen organisation.


The Shian e Ali has been offering sacrifices , since the Inception of Islam, as these Killing are not a new thing for them , Whether in the era of the Banu Ummaya , Abbasi, or the era of Aurangzeb Alamgir , but the recent upsurge in the Killing of the Shia Community , when even the UN , and the HRW Chiefs are now bound to give Condemnation of these Targetted Killing of Shia Community members  , especially in Pakistan , smells of a some new Western conspiracy , as Now they have sensed that the Shia Community are  the torch bearer of Islam , and even after being victimized in full throttle , they are determind and Unbreakable , and even Un penetrable , as due to the Community Structure ,being designed by the 12 Imams , which followed the true teaching of the Prophet Muhammad S .A.W W.

As the time has proven that the Most of the International Organisation Whether UN , Amnesty International , or the Human Rights Watch International are being sponsored and are being tools of the US and West to Control and Monitor the World for their vested interests .

As even the Present Generation of the Shia has once again authenticated and Proven the past records of the sacrifices , of being Unbreakable and has shown no deviation from the true path of Islam, which has now being observed and even realized by the west and US .

So now on one Side the US and the Saudi sponsored Taliban and Al Qaida terrorist are busy in the Genocide of Shia Muslims , while on the other side International Organization starting to show their Positive gratitude by Condemning such acts , and which will give them some reputation in the Shia Masses , and they can make their way in the community , and as now they have confirm reports that the Shia community is stead fast in their beliefs and their Universal Leadership of their Present Imam Mehdi AJTF, So now they are playing on the Rule , if you cannot win the enemy by force , then be friends to your enemy .

The US has a Long time Plan of Invading Pakistan , but till now they could not achieve their goals , due to the strong resistance from the Shia Community Members , and in this course the Biggest Number of Sacrifices have also been offered by the Shia Community members , whether which is against the Taliban and its allied groups in Pakistan , or Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan , which even massacred Shia Population in Mazar Shariff .

But now it looks that the enemies of Pakistan have a new Plan to Push the Most loyal Shia Citizens towards the Wall from one end , and on the face console them , and to be friends with them and to have a Place in their Hearts , so have a chance to get into the circle , Prohibited for them.

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