A Shia Judge, Guard, Driver Martyred by the Terrorist of TTP in Quetta

JNN 30 Aug 2012 Quetta : Three people including Shia Additional Sessions judge Zulfiqar Naqvi got Martyred when the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan opened fire on his car in GOR Colony near Saryab Road, Our Correspondent  reported on Thursday.

As Naqvi left his residence at around 8.00a.m , with his guard and driver in his Official Car No. QAP 9015 , and neared railway tracks, the assailants, who were on motorcycles, showered the vehicle with a volley of gunfire, killing all three instantly.

TTP Terrorist were waiting for him at a railway crossing, the moment the car slowed down, the assailants sprayed bullets and fled,” senior police officer Wazir Khan Nasir told AFP.

The target of the attack was the Shia Judge and it appeared to be a sectarian incident.” Khalid Mazoor, another senior police officer, confirmed the killings and added the gunmen were riding a motorbike.

Police and Frontier Corps (FC) cordoned off the area but the assailants still managed to escape as always. And No arrest has been reported till Yet.

This trend of Shia Killing has left thousands of Shia Men dead since the late 1980s since the era of Zia ul Haq who nurtured and gave support to these Anti state elements to show his allegiance to the Saudi Rulers , and the province also suffers Taliban attacks as it has been used as the Head Quarter for the Taliban Terrorist taking refuge in Pakistan ,from across the Border in Afghanistan.

Balochistan has been a flashpoint for violence against Shia Community Members , who make up around 30 percent of the population of Pakistan.

The Balochistan bar association, in protest, announced a two-day strike across the province.

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