7 Shia Hazara Martyred , after Identifying and Target Killing of LeJ Terrorist in Quetta , Balochistan

JNN 01 Sep 2012  QUETTA: Terrorist of Lashkar Jhangvi  Martyred seven Shias in two separate incidents in Balochistan on Saturday, police said. The incidents took place near Quetta.

“Four gunmen riding two motorbikes intercepted a bus near Hazar Ganji area, pulled five Shia vegetable sellers off the vehicle and shot them dead,” senior local police official Wazir Khan Nasir told AFP.

Another local police official Mukhtar Musakhel confirmed the incident and casualties.

The deceased were poor vegetable vendors who turned up to the market to collect their vegetable merchandise.
A little later, two persons who witnessed the shooting incident by the killers, were shot to death while they were on the run after the five killings, but they were chased till the Bus Stand and then they were also Martyred by the firing of the Terrorist of the Lashkar e Jhangvi.

He said in a second incident which took place at the Taftan Bus Stand where two motorbike riders sprayed bullets at two Shias Men on the outskirts of Quetta, Martyring both of them.

All the deceased belong to Hazara community. The names of the Martyrs are as follows :

  1. Ali baba s/o Hassan Ali,
  2. Jawad Hussain s/o Daulat Hussain
  3. Nawroz ali,
  4. Mohd Reza.
  5. Noor Ali s/o Mohammad Raza,
  6. Salman Ali s/o Abdul Waheed
  7. Syed Yousuf Hussain s/o Syed Anwar Ali.

The Incident was deeply condemned by All the Shia Notables and  Parties of Pakistan , and in this regard the Hazara tribal leader and Chief of Quetta Solidarity Council, an alliance of all Shia religious and ethnic groups of Quetta, Sardar Saadat has announced seven-day mourning and a shutter-down strike tomorrow.

Analysis :

The shia Target Killing which has been ongoing for the Last 30 plus years has now taken a dangerous trend  , as now even the most patient Shia Man , have started to say that it has crossed the Limit , and for the defence of the Shia community , the terrorist should be given a strong reply , as neither the LEA’s , Nor the Administration , or either the Judiciary is serious in ending up this mess , and it looks that Under a big conspiracy that the lawlessness in Pakistan has been pushed towards the Peek of the Mountain , where it has to fall , and as it falls it will be splitted in several small Pieces.

And the Most dangerous part of it all is that the Establishment is still watching the Drama silently , while taking No concrete steps to eliminate this menace, who are duty bound to protect the country from Internal and external threats , while at the moment Pakistan is facing both the internal and external offensives against it , but it should be noted that either they are part of this conspiracy or they are so naïve to handle the situation , but if any thing bad happens to the country they ll also not benefit from it , as they ll also be the worst victim of the disaster , from whom and what ever guarantees they may get .

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