A Shia Police man and a Shia Youth embraced Martyrdom in 2 different events of Target Killing by LeJ & SSP Terrorist in Karachi & Quetta

JNN 05 Sept 2012 Karachi : The Day started in the Karachi  with the Target Killing of the Shia Police Head Constable Mohsin Ali s/o Nasir Ali , 42 by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba in the Limit of Ferozabad P.S , Karachi . 

According to the details as Mohsin went out from his Khudad Colony  Residence for Joining his duty , as he was posted at the Ferozabad Police Station, as he came on the Kashmir Road in the Limit of Ferozeabad , the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba , who are were waiting for him , confronted him and fired 3 rounds aiming his head , due to which he was fatally injured ,and embraced Martyrdom on the spot . The Assailants sped away  after firing uninterrupted.

His body was shifted to the Jinnah Hospital, from where after Medico legal formalities his body was taken to the Imam Bargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society, . His Funeral Prayers was offered at Shah Karbala Rizvia Society after Maghribain Prayers , in the Presence of Hundred of Shia Youth and community members , after Funeral Prayers his body was taken to Wadi e Hussain , grave yard for his burial , in a big funeral Procession .

As the community and the Youth have been alert , in the gruesome scenario of Target Killing , and it was this alertness , that during the Funeral procession , to suspected  men namely Habib & Usman were caught by the Participants of the funeral Procession , and were later Handed over to the S.H.O Malir, who were looks suspected and could not identify their Presence in the funeral Procession.

Another  Shia youth also embraced Martyrdom in Quetta  , as after the gruesome killing at Hazar Ganji target Killing of 7 Shia Hazara Green Grocers , Shia Youth and Community Members were Protesting at the Main Road , which was attacked by the Wahabi men , and Number of Bullets were straight fired at the Protestors , due to which Qasim Ali s/o Asghar Ali was seriously injured , after which he was taken to the BMC , where he was kept under Observation in the ICU , but due to the fatal wounds , he could not survive , and embraced Martydom after 24 Hours .

The Lawlessness and Shia Target Killing is a conspiracy Hatched by the enemies of Pakistan , which are trying there Level best to Dis Integrate Pakistan, and the current scenario looks like the repeated episode of the same Drama , which was staged , before the debacle of Fall of East Pakistan, as the Bengali People were denied of their legal and Right ful demands , and the forces and the Mukti bahni’s were involved in the gruesome Killing of the Bengali’s , till the Point reached were the weakest of the Bengali’s equipped themselves with the weapons, and set out , after which they never went back , till the New Nation of Bangladesh came into Being.

The Pakistani Establishment , which controls One of the Best Intellignce Agency of the World , Namely , ISI , looks so naïve at the Present  , as any Ordinary Man , can sense the danger , of the Evil Plan of DisIntegration of the Pakistani Nation made by the enemies of Pakistan , but they are acting as Toothless Lions , who can not even hunt for himself now , and is so helpless that waiting for some one to feed them even.

11 thoughts on “A Shia Police man and a Shia Youth embraced Martyrdom in 2 different events of Target Killing by LeJ & SSP Terrorist in Karachi & Quetta

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