3 Generations of a Shia family targeted, Father & Son Martyred , Grand Son critically injured by the firing of Terrorist of SSP

JNN 05 Sept 2012 Karachi : As  Karachite’s were running to safe themselves from the Heavy rains , A Shia Family Once again become the victim of  target Killing  by the Terrorist of SSP , in which Mukhtar Aazmi s/o Ghulam Hussain , 74 and His Son Baqar Aazmi , 45 embraced Martydom , while the Grand Son Muhammad Ali s/o Ahmed Ali , was critically injured due to the bullet wounds.

The Incident took place around 5.00p.m Near Civic Center , when Mukhtar Aazmi , Baqar Aazmi, Mohd Ali , Ahmed Ali , and another employ of their were returning home in their Personal Car as they passed Civic Center and was moving towards Gharibabad , The Assailant which must be following them on a Bike came from one side and started firing from one side , due to which Mukhtar Aazmi embraced Martydom at the spot, while Baqir who was also on the Front Seat , sustained Multiple Bullet Wounds , while Mohd. Ali who was at the Window side also sustained Multiple Bullets wounds and was critically injured. While Ahmed Ali and the Other person remained Unharmed . After the Shooting the Assailant sped away Unhindered .

The injured were rushed to the Aga Khan Hospital , while Mukhtar who have embraced Martydom at the spot , while Baqar took his last breath on the way to the Hospital, and was declared Dead on Arrival , Mohd Ali was admitted to the ICU , where he was operated for the Bullet Injuries , as he had a Broken Collar Bone ,and another Bullet in his Jaw ,which Doctor are trying to take care of , But has said that he is in stable state , and will be Kept in the recovery for some time.

It is very sad to notice here the Grand Son of Mukhtar , Mohd Ali has been studying abroad , and has just came back to attend the Wedding Ceremony of his cousin Sister ,the Grand Daughter of Mukhtar, which was supposed to be on the 6th Sept ,2012 , while now there will be the funeral of his Uncle and Grand father instead on the same date.

The Funeral Prayer of the Mukhtar and Baqar is announced to be held on 6th Sept 2012 , at 10.00a.m at Imambargah IRC.

Mukhtar Aazmi was in the Advertising Business , and was well settled Business man and over the time it has grown into a family business ,and His sons are also associated in the same Business . He was also the Chairman of the Board of Trustee , of the Imambargah IRC , and also the Vice Chairman of another NGO , Pakistan Pilgrims Society , which was working tirelessly to get relief and better facilities for the Shia Pilgrims going to Pilgrimage to Mecca, Medina, Karbala, and other Holy sites.

All the Notables and the Leader of the Shia Community have deeply condemned the Target Killing of both the Father and the Son, and have declared it as a Heavy loss for the community.

The Leaders of Political Parties including Altaf Hussain of MQM , Imran Khan of PTI have now started to issue statements condemning  the target Killing of Shia Muslims , But none have given any strategy to eliminate the menace of Shia Target Killing . Or even have openly condemned the Personalities like Malik Ishaq ( LeJ ) , Ahmed Ludhianvi ( SSP / ASWJ ) or even have condemned the Parties who are Behind these Target Killing , who call the Media and take the responsibility of these Gruesome and Brutal Target Killing , But even then they and their supporters like JUI – F , JUI – S , JI  who not only avoid giving any statement against them , rather protect their interest , when they are Openly condemned , and issue statements against , and give hundred one reasons that they are Killing , Innocent Shia Muslim , in retaliation to US Drone Strikes . Or Army Operation in FATA . Which have no concern to the Shia Population .

These are the same Leaders when they and their Party members go to attend the Conference and Public Meetings arranged by these Wahabi Banned Terrorist Organisations , and where the shout Slogans as “ Shia Infidel “ , they do not protest or condemn it .

While Imran Khan who is biggest supporter of Taliban , and declare that they are most loyal Pakistani , and Army Operation against those Terrorist , who Slit Throats ,and Burn alive Shia men , Should be stopped at once , and they should be given ranks in the Government .

These all the above mentioned and the rest of the Politicians are the supporters of Taliban ,as they know that if they support them then they ll also get the due share of Donations coming from Saudi Arabia and US , and with this Huge amount of Funds they can Make and break government , and at the same time , they get support of the Militant groups , which in return give them favors in keeping their favorite safe and their enemies Pointed out by them eliminated.

They are only showing their Tilt towards the Shia Population of Pakistan ,by issuing statements ,  as now the election year has come and as the 30% Shia Vote Bank of Pakistan , which is scattered all over Pakistan , and has always played a decisive role in making and breaking of the Government . Which was not that much highlighted in yester Years as the main stream Media is again Partisan and is controlled by the Establishment and the Foreign Powers which does not want to highlight the fact of Shia Power in Pakistan .

Plus as The PPP Senator Faisal Raza Abidi has very openly highlighted the shia Target Killing at all the forums and especially in the Media , which has now earned him a Good reputation in the Masses of Pakistan , and especially in the Shia House Hold , so the other Party Leaders now feel threatened that if they do not issue any statements or condemn Openly in the Public the Shia Target Killing , which has Now become such a big issue , that even the Secretary General of UN , Ban ki Moon has to issue a Statement to condemn the Shia Target Killing in Pakistan , and even have asked the Government of Pakistan to Look into the Matter at the earliest to sort out this issue.

But the Problem of the Shia community in Pakistan is this that none of the above mentioned leaders have till now chalked out any strategy or even given a Plan to eliminate the Menace of Shia Target Killing , as only condemning it will do no good , and will not be able to stop the Shia Target Killing done by the enemies of Pakistan , which does not only Kill Shia Pakistani , but are also against the Integration of Pakistan , and they are the same People who are the US and Saudi agents in Pakistan , working with full force to Disintegrate Pakistan , and if the Leader of Political Parties and Plus the Establishment of Pakistan , does not take any concrete action against these elements , then they may kill any Numbers of Shia Population , but still they can not eliminate them , but if it is not stopped now they ll surely , not only Disintegrate Pakistan , But future generations will curse the Ruling elites & Defenders of Pakistan.

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