A Shia Man Martyred , 11 injured in Protests Organized by MWM & ISO against Anti-Islam film at US Consulate, Karachi

JNN 17 Sept 2012 KARACHI: One Man  was Martyred and atleast 11 injured in protests across the city against an anti-Islam film released in the US, Our Correspondent  reported late Sunday night from Karachi.

On Sunday afternoon a protests was organised by the Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) , and the Students Wing Imamia Students Organistion ( ISO ), which was taken out from Numaish Chowrangi till the US consulate in the city .Thousands of Shia Men gathered at Numaish Chowrangi , and the rally Peacefully proceeded towards the US Consulate at the Mai Kolachi .

Thousands of protesters started their march towards the US consulate to register their protest against the Blasphemous film.

The rally, which has reportedly reached very close to the consulate, was stopped at three different points for negotiations.

Three people have been injured due to the clash between the protesters and police personnel. Due to the resistance from the police, who had resorted to using teargas, water cannons and straight firing to disperse the rally.

According to MWM General Secretary, around eight protesters were injured.

According to our Correspondent, one protester S. Ali Raza Taqvi s/o Abul Qasim Taqvi , 48 was Martyred while several got injured due to straight-firing by police.

At one stage protestors broke through security cordons and got close to the heavily guarded US consulate .

They chanted “Down with America”, “We will sacrifice our lives to safeguard the honour of the Prophet” and “Hang the film maker.”

The Protestors dodged the City administration , and finally have started gathering in front of the US consulate’s main gate. And some Protestors even climbed the Gate 4. And raised the Flag inscribed with “ Labaik Ya Rasool Allah ”.

MWM leaders  asked the protesters to stay non-violent and move back. Most of the protesters moved back. While More protesters from a nearby area joined the rally.

After which The MWM leaders  asked the protesters to immediately end the protest outside the US consulate and instead stage a sit-in near the Numaish Chowrangi.

The decision was taken after negotiations between the MWM leaders and the administration.

After which the protest outside the US consulate ended and the protesters started to move towards the Numaish Chowrangi.

City police chief Iqbal Mehmood told AFP at least 20 people have been arrested.

After which the Protesters , rode back to the Numaish Chowrangi , and staged a Complete sit in , Protesting against the Blasphemous US Movie ,and at the same time demanding the release of the arrested Protester which were arrested , during the clashes between the Protesters and the Police official , who were trying to break the Police cordon , to reach the US Consulate.

The MWM ended its sit-in at Numaish late Sunday night, after their arrested members were released by the police, however vowed to continue their protest until the US banned the film and issued a formal apology.

The funeral of the Martyred Protester Syed Ali Raza Taqvi was performed on Monday after the Maghribain Prayer at the Shahrah e Pakistan , near Sohrab Goth , where the Funeral Prayer of the Martyr was performed , which was also attended , by a large No. of Shia Community members, after which the Body was taken for the Burial , in a procession to the Wadi e Hussain , Grave Yard , at the Super Highway .

The Martyr S.Ali Raza Taqvi has left behind 5 Children and a Widow in the heirs. He was the resident of Abbas Town , Abul Isphahani Road.

MWM announced to observe three days mourning in response to the death of an activist during the protest.

Shia Ulema Council Pakistan (SUCP) has also announced to observe three days of mourning against the police action on the rally. They have demanded an impartial inquiry in the incident.

All the major Shia Parties also condemned the use of Brutal force against the Protesters , and Deeply condemned the Killing of the Protesters by the LEA’s , who are Unable to provide any Security to the Shia Community from the Ongoing Target Killing and the Genocide they are facing , and above all the LEA’s wanted to protect their reputation in the eyes of their US masters , they even Killed an Innocent Shia Protester , which is giving the Community Youth and elders a thought that  that they are being forced toward the Wall , with no exits .

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