2 Shia Pilgrims Martyred , 6 Injured in a Road side Bomb attack on a Pilgrims Bus near Mastung , Quetta


JNN 18 Sept 2012 QUETTA: Three Shia Piligrims embraced Martyrdom when a Road Side Bomb Detonated near a bus carrying pilgrims in the Mastung district on Tuesday, reported Jafria News.

Nine people, including three Levies personnel who were escorting the pilgrims, were injured in the incident. They have been shifted to a nearby hospital.

Six security personnel who were assigned to provide security to the bus also received injuries.

Eyewitnesses said that the bus caught fire immediately after the blast, and the bodies of the twopeople killed were trapped inside the bus.

Fire brigade officials also reached the site and managed to put off the fire and finally the bodies from the bus were recovered .

Deputy Commissioner Mastung told Jafria News that when officials reached the site, the injured were sitting at the roadside who said that around 40 people were onboard the bus which was coming from Taftan, were returning back to Quetta after the Pilgrimage , after visiting the Holy Sites in Iran.

The Pilgrims returning from Iran who Embraced Martyrdom ,were identified as   Haji Asraf Ali , 60 and Syed Ismail , 62 , while the Injured were Identified as Sidiqa Bibi d/o Ghulam Ali , 42, Sakina d/o Ghulam Ali , 18 , Hussain Ali s/o Hussain , 50, Jan Ali s/o Habib ullah , 28, Rajab Ali s/o Ghulam Ali , 13, Nauroz Ali s/o Ali Yawar, 28

He added that the nature of the blast could not be known as yet as the Bomb Disposal Squad had not reached the site till the filing of this report.

In Mastung, several people, particularly of the Shia community, have been targeted in the past.

In the past , all the record and the Police Investigations , and even the self acclaimation of such incidents of Shia Target Killing , and Attack on Shia Piligrims were taken by the Banned Organisation , Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ) and Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is deeply involved in the Killing of Shia Community Members , and this Bomb attack even with all the evidences collected from the site , points to the same Terrorist Organisations , who are involved in the Target Killing and Bomb Attacks on the Shia Muslims and the destabilization of Pakistan , and Dis Integration of Pakistan.

While in another incident of the ongoing Shia Target Killing , The Beheaded Body of a Shia Young Man Kamran Naqvi was found in the Limits of Gharibad Area.

According to the details , he was a resident of Safora Goth , and was Kidnapped from his house on 12th Sept, which was even reported to the area Police .

On Sunday the 16th Sept , his beheaded body was found in the limits of Gharibad Area of Karachi.

According to his neighbours and close circle friends , He was a religious Person ,and at the same time he has no affiliation with any Political or Religious Party.

His Burial was done at the Sakhi Hassan GraveYard , in the presence of his family and friends and a large Number of Community members.

Last week, 10 labourers were killed and four injured when assailants sprayed bullets at workers in the Dasht area of Mastung district. According to one witness, the labourers were lined up and then shot.


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