3 Shia Men Martyred by the Target Killing of SSP Men in Karachi & Nankana Sahib , Punjab.

JNN 25 Sept 2012 Karachi : Now the Terrorist are not looting Banks in the presence of armed Gaurds , but are Entering Houses to Kill the targeted Shia Community Members as on 24th Sept 2012 , The terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi the Terrorist wing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , burst into the house of a Shiite family, and targeted the 3 brothers, out of which Shoaib Raza s/o Shumail Hussain embraced martyrdom due to the firing of these terrorists . While in the second incident the Custodian of Imambargah S. Alamdar Hussain ,58 in Nankana Sahib, Punjab was also targeted and was Martyred , and in the earlier  third Incident Ali Hussain s/o Azhar Hussain , 25 was also targeted and attacked by the terrorist of SSP in the Limits of Orangi Town , who embraced Martyrdom at the spot.

According to the details, The terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan equipped with weapons , burst in to the House of a Shiite Family in the Limits of Jafar e Tyar Society, Malir , Karachi,near Qadir Hotel , and targeted the 3 Shia Brothers ,Shoaib Raza , Hassan Raza  & Mohsin Raza who were critically injured due to the firing , and were shifted to the Hospital , after the terrorist Left the place , and ran away Unhindered by any body, Shoaib Raza was fatally injured in the firing , and could not survive the Bullet wounds , while Hassan Raza , and Mohsin Raza , were in the recovery Process , and said to be out of Danger.

The Funeral prayer of the Martyred Shoaib Raza was offered after the Maghrbain Prayers at the Markazi Imambargah Jafar e Tyar, Malir , while the burial was done at the Local Grave Yard.

all suffered gunshot wounds and were rushed to a hospital where Syed Shoaib Raza succumbed to his injuries whereas Mohsin and Hasan are under treatment.

The 2nd Reported Incident took place in Nankana Sahib , Punjab, where the Custodian of the Imambargah S. Alamdar Hussain was attacked by the same Banned Terrorist Outfit Lashkar e Jhangvi  when he was present outside the Imambargah located , at Suburban Town Mor Khunda , situated at Lahore – Juddna wala Road , when two Terrorist came on the Motorcycle and sprayed a rally of bullets on him , due to which he was fatally injured , and later on embraced Martyrdom , due the fatal wounds , a FIR of the target Killing was launched at the Police station Mangtanwala against the Unknown assailants .

The Shiite community of the area was furious over such terrorist activities , where life and property of the resident is at the mercy of the terrorist and the LEA’s have totally lost their writ, and looks impotent to deal with the rising crime rate in all over Pakistan, and specially the Genocide of the Shia Community Members across Pakistan .

While the Third such Incident , which was reported on the 22nd Sept , was from Karachi , in which Ali Hussain Alias Khurrum , was targeted in the Limits of Orangi Town , Block D, near Iqbal Market , in the early morning hours of the day, when he was going on his routine Pick up , the terrorist ambushed him in Block D, Orangi Town , Near Iqbal Market , where he was attacked and was fired Mutiple Bullets , due to which he was fatally injured and embraced Martyrdom on the spot , His body was shifted to the Hospital , for Medico Legal formalities , and then it was shifted to the Imambargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society.

His Funeral Prayer was offered at the Imam bargah Shah e Karbala Rizvia Society , on Sunday after Zuhrain Prayers , which was attended by a large number of Shia Young Men and Elders , after which the body was taken for the Burial , in a Big Procession to the Wadi Hussain , Grave Yard .

The Incompetence of the LEA’s , the in action of the Judiciary , and the lost Writ of the Government , and above all the Criminal Silence of the Establishment of Pakistan is now giving the Youth and the Old of the Shia community that why we are being Killed and if the Justice is Blind , have all others even Deaf and Dumb , or is this Planned , to push the Shia community against the wall , which is the Integral Part of Pakistan , as If this Community is disintegrated Pakistan itself will be torn into Pieces, as every body know , that community is being facing its Genocide , in the name of sectarianism for the last 33 Years , where a New generation have grown up , Just in the Dark shadows of Death and torture.

Does the So called Super Powers of the World , wants to test the patience of this community , as they are also aware of the fact , as this is the Only power , which is the cause of Integration of Pakistan ,and if they rise , then Nobody can stop them , till they Put the Flag of their Present Leader on top of the Nation , and Bring to Justice all the Power usurpers and Looters.  And the Rule of Justice will be prevailed across the Nation .

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