A Shia Father & 2 Sons Martyred By the firing of SSP Terrorist in Karachi

JNN 26th Sept 2012 Karachi : On 25th Sept Evening when the Shia Trader Mohd.Raza  s/o Ali Bhai Devji, Imani , 60 , and his 2 Sons Mohd  Abbas ,30, and Kumail Raza , 25 were Targeted by the terrorist of Lashkar e Jhangvi , the Assassins Wing of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the Limits of Risala P.S , Karachi , by the firing on all the family members , due to which all embraced Martyrdom .

According to the details , Mohd Raza whose was a whole seller of Dry fruits , for the last atleast 25 years and had a shop in the Pan Mandi Area for the same , on the unlucky day after Closing his Shop at around 7.15p.m  came to their car , accompanied with his 2 sons to return home , but the terrorist were rather waiting for his routine departure , as he drove a couple of yards away from the Parking , the Assailant confronted them , and targeted all the three and fired several shots .

Each of them received atleast 3 bullets in the face and Head area, and due to these bullet wounds all of them embraced Martyrdom on the spot , and the assailants after completing their Killing Mission , sped away , with out any hindrance . It should be noted that this is the area which is very crowded at the Closing time of the offices and shops of the area , but still even after hearing , atleast 10 bullets fires , nobody responded or even thought of giving any resistance to the Killers.

The Bodies of the Martyrs were shifted to the Civil Hospital , for the Medico Legal formalities , from there they were shifted to the Fatimiyah Community Center and Ghusal Khana , Purani Numaish .

The funeral Prayers of all the three Martyrs were announced to be held on 26th Sept , 2012 , at Masjid Shah e Khurasan after the Zuhrain Prayers. After which their Burial will be Performed at the Hussaini Bagh , Mewa Shah Graveyard.

All the Father and sons have No Political Inclination or any association with any Religious or Political Organisation , or have any enemity with any body, the only motive behind their killing was that , they were the Members of the victim Shia Community Members , and they had good repute in the Traders Community , due to their fair and Open deals , with all their suppliers and customers , regardless of Cast , creed , sect or Religion.

All the Shia Leaders have highly condemned the Target Killing of the Shia Community Members , which has accelerated at Present , and still the LEA’s has shown no concrete Progress in the arrests of these Killers .

While the Main Stream Media is also Playing a negative role in the Present Scenario , as they are Presenting the Terrorist of Banned Terrorist Organisation  ,as Hero , which under the Law can not be a Part of any campaign or May Propagate their Nefarious Beliefs and , instead of condemning such Leaders of Banned Terrorist Organizations , The Negative List Anchors Like Mubashar Luqman of ARY NEWS  , who is giving lengthy air time to such Leaders of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Ahmed Ludhianvi , and with this help , who is propagating Hatred and Instigating the feeling of Common Muslims against the Shia Community Members , and inciting sectarian Violence.

The Leaders of Shia Community Members have highly condemned The Biased Attitude of such Media Houses and the Silence and Inactiveness of the LEA’s , while Governments complete failure of curbing the menace of terrorism from the country . and the Double Mindedness of Establishment who is still waiting for any Debacle to happen to the Nation , so they can clarify their thoughts and vision in segregation between the Loyal and the traitors of the Nation.


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