At least 32 killed in Iraq in wave of car bomb attacks mostly on Shia Neighborhoods


JNN 01 Oct 2012 Baghdad : A series of car bomb explosions have killed at least 32 people and injured 94 others in Iraq. The attackers targeted Shia neighborhoods, police checkpoints, and security forces across the country.mostly in the capital, Baghdad.

The deadliest attacks were bombs in three parked cars that went off in Taji, 20 kilometers north of Baghdad, killing 11people and wounding 24, north of Baghdad, on Sunday.

Two police officers were killed when a car bomb went off in the town of Balad Ruz, 90 kilometers northeast of the Iraqi capital.

Two dozen others were also injured in the explosions which occurred near Shia Muslim homes in the town. Some reports, however, say the blasts targeted police checkpoints in Taji.

In Shula, northwestern Baghdad’s Shia neighborhood, a suicide bomber detonated a car packed with explosives, killing one and injuring seven others, an Iraqi police source told AP.

A number of houses and cars were also destroyed in the attacks.

Two Iraqis were also killed after a bomb exploded next to a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims in Madain, south of Baghdad. Seven Iranians were also injured in the explosion.

Bombings also reportedly targeted a police convoy and two police officers in Baquba, north of Baghdad, and in Kut, south of the capital.Four others were also killed in similar blasts elsewhere in the capital.

Another 11 were killed in bombings across the country, including in Baqouba, a city further north of Baghdad and Mosul.

In a separate incident, an unidentified gunman killed an Iraqi police colonel in the Amel neighborhood south of the capital. The shootout was followed by a car bomb explosion, Al Jazeera reported

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

At least 240 people have been killed and over 770 others wounded in attacks across Iraq this month.

Official figures, however, show that July was the bloodiest month in Iraq in almost two years. The figures put the number of people killed in attacks in July at 325, the highest monthly death toll since August 2010.

Iraqi militants often use explosives against security troops. The last large-scale attack was on September 26, when two roadside bombs killed five people near Hilla south of Baghdad, including a police lieutenant colonel and two other officers. The incident came the day after a series of insurgent attacks across central Iraq that left nine people dead.

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